Canyon Digital Compass Watch, Hard Knuckle Gloves and Medium Penlight from First Tactical


Canyon Digital Compass Watch:

The Canyon Digital Compass watch stands up to the toughest of jobs. Best of both worlds; durable, yet sophisticated. Large display with a digital second hand, compass function and an innovative utility strap you'll never wear another watch.

First Tactical Canyon Digital Compass Flat First Tactical Men's Hard Knuckle Glove Back

Hard Knuckle Gloves:

A tactical glove that is both reliable and durable, without giving up the mobility of lighter wear alternatives. Hard, TPR knuckle protection reinforced with neoprene padding and TouchPoint™ fingertip design come together to give you the most complete and functional tactical glove available.

Medium Penlight:

First Tactical Medium Penlight Bulb

The mid-sized penlight is the perfect addition, clipping flawlessly to your pocket or cap for quick bright light for when you need it.

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