INNOVATIVE TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS B.V. (ITS BV) - launch the "Cherub" fusion camera core at Eurosatory 2018, in Paris.

INNOVATIVE TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS B.V. (ITS BV) has a scoop at Eurosatory 2018, in Paris, when they launch the "Cherub" fusion camera core. As the first and only company in the world, they bring a Multi-spectral camera core to market with built-in fusion algorithms.


With this camera core, it is much easier for OEM manufacturers of camera systems to quickly bring a product to the market that operates both the visible spectrum and the thermal spectrum. Where those manufacturers now spend a lot of time integrating two camera cores and usually bring products to the market without fusion or with poor fusion, this is now a thing of the past. The core of ITS BV consists of 2 sensors and a built-in operating system which drives the multiple fusion modes. The first is a very light-sensitive CMOS sensor, which gives the camera a very good performance in the visible spectrum during the day and in low light situations. The second sensor is a Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) sensor that allows thermal images to be delivered during reduced visibility situations. Both sensors can deliver a video image separately or fused in a multitude of fusion modes. The user can choose the most optimal mix or use the CMOS or LWIR sensor video independently.

The camera core is modular so that it can be used in a variety of end products. One can think of observation/surveillance cameras, vehicle cameras for automotive, but also military system builders can use this core for the development of driver vision systems or situational awareness systems. Hand-worn systems such as binoculars or laser distance meters can also benefit from this core.

The most powerful weapon of this innovative core is the fact that there is almost latency in the images. In current systems available on the market that have fusion, there is often a considerable delay which makes users feel uncomfortable during use. This is because integrators and system builders have difficulty integrating two camera cores and writing the fusion algorithms. ITS BV has now overcome this and with their "Cherub" camera core it is now much easier to offer good fusion systems to the market.

On the Cherub roadmap is also an image intensified version that combines deep night vision with LWIR in a same way as the present core.

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