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•  Back-mounted rebreather brings flexible capability to the JFD product line for the first time•  Shadow/B represents the latest in a long line of technological developments designed to improve safety in military combat diving
Supplier: JFD
MacSafe is a new hostile vehicle incursion prevention system, developed in response to a need to upgrade security in public places.  It is designed to integrate public safety discretely into the landscaping of highly trafficked areas such as airports, schools, hospitals, and tourist attractions; providing high performance with low visual impact.
Supplier: DefenCell
Supplied to various NGOs, the three orders worth over 2.7m USD include over 25,000 DefenCell Ranger units and will be deployed in Central Africa for general protection and security applications.DefenCell Ranger is the smallest and lightest DefenCell product weighing just 1.6kg but once filled in a few minutes is the equivalent of over 40 sandbags and will protect against 0.50cal and mortar ammunition.
Supplier: DefenCell
Data Device Corporation (DDC) has been awarded a contract by Oshkosh Defense, LLC to supply Solid-State Power Control (SSPC) Power Distribution Units (PDUs) and modules for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) program. The JLTV, a top priority for the Department of Defense, incorporates dramatic electrical power utilization improvements that are readily served by the advanced management capabilities and higher reliability provided by DDC’s battle proven Solid-State Power Control solutions.
Machinery manufacturer John Deere has improved the design processes of its engines with PULSE Reflex analysis software.The company’s engines are used for many different applications, such as harvesting forests, digging foundations or propelling ships. As each application places unique stresses on the engine-mounted components, the Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) team must anticipate thousands of variables to meet the demands of the real world.
It doesn't have to be one giant leap for the IT Department
Supplier: IFS

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