Now there is a Better Source for ARINC 429 Single & Quad Line Receivers!

Data Device Corporation (DDC) introduces new ARINC 429 Line Receivers, in both single channel, 8-pin, SOIC (Small Outline Integrated Circuit) packages, and quad channel 20-pin, SOIC configurations.

DDC - Now there is a Better Source for ARINC 429 Single & Quad Line Receivers!

The DD-41041 Single and DD-41044/45 Quad Line Receivers translate incoming ARINC 429 data bus signals to a pair of TTL/CMOS outputs, and are a direct drop-in replacement for Holt and DEI line receivers. These line receivers are engineered to provide maximum reliability, with inputs internally protected to lightning requirements of DO-160G Level A3, waveforms 3, 4, and 5 with no additional protection required. Furthermore, design engineers and system integrators can be confident in selecting DDC, whose commitment to product quality, on-time delivery and superior support has been recognized as best-in-class by the aerospace industry.


  • Drop-in pin for pin replacement for:
  •      o    Holt HI-8588 (DD-41041) & HI-8444, HI-8445 (DD-41044/45)
  •      o    DEI-1041 (DD-41041) & DEI-1044, DEI-1045 (DD-41044/45)
  • Life cycle management with uninterrupted product availability
  • Average on-time delivery performance over 99%
  • AS9001C certification

“These new ARINC 429 Line Receivers continue DDC’s commitment to providing a full range of connectivity support for aerospace applications, from components to boards to system level solutions”, stated Larry Yust, DDC’s Commercial Avionics Product Line Manager.

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