Peli-Hardigg Brings to IDEF its Experience in Optimal Protection Solutions to Ensure Military Mission Success


Moving in hostile environment and battle conditions, soldiers, more than anybody else, need robust cases to protect their sensitive equipment and assure it arrives operational to guarantee the success of their Critical Missions. For over 40 years, Peli- HardiggTM has been developing transport and packaging solutions to answer these harsh Military needs of extreme protection and offer the optimal solution for fragile gear. Peli-Hardigg will present these solutions at IDEF show 2017 (Hall 2, Stand 248A).

Experience in protecting military equipment during Critical Missions

PELI-Military Mission Success PELI-Military Mission Success

Peli-Hardigg is the largest manufacturer of military, naval and aerospace approved reusable, recyclable, plastic ATA 300 CAT 1, LRU, AGE, WSTAGE, logistic containers, cases and custom packaging solutions for special equipment. Peli-Hardigg containers are used to protect and transport aircraft pieces and engines, submarine parts, military diving scooters, all types of drones/UAV, weapons and missiles, satellites, robots, electronic equipment, among others. The wide range offers from guns and rifle cases to practical compact field desks perfect for frequent deployment needs. These cases are tested in the field but also under battle conditions to offer the best protection against moisture, dust, salt and impact, they are virtually indestructible.

Mobile Armory, transport and protection of weapons

PELI-Military Mission Success PELI-Military Mission Success

From the 3 M9 Pistol cases to the MK19 Grenade Launcher case, you will undoubtedly find the perfect case to protect your equipment. Most of the cases are equipped with wheels to facilitate all moves during critical missions and enable lightweight travels. Moreover, they are combat-tested and offer the best of Peli-Hardigg expertise in term of protection and safety.

Mobile Medical, maximal protection for lifesaving medical gear

The transport of vital medical gear is particularly sensible and needs the most caution. That’s why Peli-Hardigg Mobile Medical rotomoulded cases are watertight, airtight, impact resistant and have been battle-tested. They also provide a humidity indicator to assure that your equipment will arrive operational. The range includes administrative and in-the-field portable cases, and offers lightweight mobility as many cases include wheels. Furthermore, it is possible to organize the space by the combination of customizable inserts.

Mobile Office and IT, for administrative tasks and electronic devices

When soldiers need to complete administrative duties, they can rely on Peli-Hardigg Mobile Office to set up quickly organized, lightweight, watertight and chemical-resistant field desks and bookshelves. As for portable computers, printers and communication gears, the Mobile IT cases range provides the best durable containers to protect them even in the harshest conditions. With their cushioning system, you do not have to worry anymore about your sensitive equipment: thanks to an optimal protection you can be sure that it will arrive operational, anywhere.

Mobile Master, shipping easily and efficiently everywhere

PELI-Military Mission Success PELI-Military Mission Success

Thanks to their non-slip ribs, the cases are pallet-ready and can be stacked up to use the maximum usable space per pallet while maximizing stacking and stability en route. Chemical resistant, the non-slip ribs stack prevents moisture and contaminants from getting through to the supplies and protect efficiently all your sensitive equipment. The ISP (Inter-Stacking Pattern) system eliminates load movement that can slow down your operations and threaten your mission. Providing handles, all the ISP cases enhance the speed of deployment. This system is compatible with more than 60 cases sizes.

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