Portable Hybrid and Renewable Power Generator Systems

Hybrid and Renewable Power Systems

Dewey Electronics has been integrating hybrid power into portable modular systems and now is providing trailer based power systems and hybrid generators for defense contractors that are integrated into their systems. These hybrid systems are capable of incorporating renewable power such as solar and wind.

This system incorporates battery storage with a rugged inverter that is coupled with our battery charging 4.5kW 28V DC generator and packaged in man-portable containers. It provides the warfighter with a hybrid system that is capable of fuel savings of up to 50% when compared to standard generators. Introduce solar or wind and the fuel saving can be as much as 70%.

Portable Hybrid Power Systems

The enclosed 2kW Hybrid Generator provides 28V DC power to charge system batteries. The generator controller features current limiting, battery charging and battery monitoring auto start and stop digital controls. The enclosed unit is suitable for trailer mounting and provides a digital data bus for remote monitoring and control.

Enclosed 2kW Hybrid Military Generator  Enclosed Trailer Mounted 2kW Hybrid Generator

Modular Hybrid Electrical Power System (MHEPS)

Dewey Electronics and its partners, Essence Solar, Silver Eagle Manufacturing Company, and EnerSys, have produced a demonstration hybrid platform that incorporates solar generated electricity, an integrated backup military tactical generator, and battery storage all on a standard Lightweight Tactical Trailer (LTT). This system features a patent pending dual axis solar tracker with High Concentration Photo Voltaic solar panels that provide 25% more solar power than standard flat solar panels.

Modular Hybrid Electrical Power System (MHEPS)

The solar system, known as the Sun Spider, was developed by Essence Solar. It features a 48V battery storage system (EnerSys) with battery charger, inverters, and a control system that allows the deployment of the solar panels, automatic tracking of the sun without the need for GPS coordinates, and a wind sensor that automatically folds the solar panels into a safe position when wind speeds exceed safe operational parameters.

The trailer based system is HMMWV towable and designed for austere environments. It is capable of operating solely in a solar mode as successfully demonstrated at ExFOB 2011, as a hybrid system with the backup generator, or tied to grid power.  This system can be deployed by two individuals in less than 30 minutes and provides significant reductions in fossil fuel use when compared to standard generators of equivalent power outputs.  

The current demonstrator is mounted on Silver Eagle’s LTT with no modifications to the trailer. Dewey’s 2kW Military Tactical Generator is also transported on the trailer and then placed on the ground for operation as the backup generator. It is commanded on when the batteries require charging and the Sun Spider cannot provide the power needed to charge due to time of day, weather conditions, or power demand. 

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