Stäubli hydraulic connectors: leak tightness, reliability and durability


Designed for various sectors including plastics, the iron and steel industry and offshore, Stäubli hydraulic connectors are suitable for low to high pressure applications. An extensive choice of couplings and options provide solutions to many applications including those in harsh environments.

The significant number of connections operations within the plastics industry requires guaranteed tightness. With PA technology developed by Stäubli, connection under residual pressure  linked to preheating moulds is possible. The  compact design, PA option and automatic locking system of the CBX connector makes it particularly suitable for this type of connection. Stäubli anti-pollution flush face technology also guarantees circuits and environment integrity. Stäubli hydraulic connectors meet the strict requirements for safety, performance and durability in the plastics industry.

For heavy industries, especially foundry and offshore operations, Stäubli designs products that are suitable for harsh environments (dust, grease, oil, salt water etc.) and extreme operating conditions (vibrations, impacts etc.) Numerous options are available in the  Stäubli HPX and SPX ranges (colour code, metal caps, dust protectors etc.) to meet all requirements.

They are also suitable for mechanical construction, public equipment and aerospace and military industries.

Stäubli provides solutions to meet all of your hydraulic connection needs with a guarantee of leak tightness, reliability and durability.

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