Systematic wins “special class” New Zealand supplier award

On 11th October, Systematic was declared the winner of a special New Zealand award honouring the best partner in the defence sector.

Systematic wins “special class” New Zealand supplier award

Systematic is proud to announce that it has been selected as winner of the 2017 Minister of Defence Awards of Excellence to Industry in New Zealand.

Henrik Messell took part in the award ceremony held in Wellington, New Zealand, where Systematic was in the final.

“Even being nominated for this prize is a great honour, because it’s the biggest recognition that what we do makes a difference for our customer. And that we also actually win the prize is an ultimate form of recognition. That we – Systematic – are the supplier that made the biggest difference for the New Zealand Army is a very big pat on the back for us,” explains Henrik Messell.

Systematic has been delivering SitaWare software to the New Zealand Army ever since 2009. SitaWare is a command and control solution that strengthens and streamlines communication between all units in the army. In spring 2017, the New Zealand Army and Systematic also signed an additional agreement covering the delivery of an IT solution that strengthens the basis for humanitarian efforts following natural disasters. The cooperation agreement also covers training, service and development for the New Zealand Army.

“We have extremely good ongoing cooperation with the New Zealand Army. This is a trust-based setup, in which Systematic is allowed to do the exact things we are good at, drawing on our professional expertise and many years of experience with processes and project management,” Henrik Messell says, adding

“Together we have achieved some really good results, from which the New Zealand Army has benefited greatly. And that they are now acknowledging this with this award is certainly a pat on the back for Systematic, but it’s also an encouragement to continue delivering high-quality IT solutions – not only to New Zealand but to all of our customers.”

CEO at Systematic Michael Holm adds:

“Software that provides soldiers with better safety and security has been among Systematic core products for many years. At Systematic our ultimate goal is to deliver quality software that makes a positive difference for any soldier – and we are proud to hear that this is exactly what we deliver to the New Zealand Army.”

For more information contact Communication Manager Helle Bastrup, 0045 9133 5822,

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