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WEW, a THIELMANN company, is pleased to announce the signing of a teaming agreement with Australia’s Global Defence Solutions (GDS) at Eurosatory in Paris on 13 June 2018.
From transport companies to military bases, industrial units and medical facilities, the handling of hazardous materials requires strict regulatory compliance to ensure there is no risk to public safety.
WEW Container Systems, a THIELMANN company, has received a contract to deliver additional Camel low-profile water tank modules for the US Army.
Rapidly deployable military bridge manufacturer, WFEL, has further strengthened its relationship with the U.S.
Supplier: WFEL Ltd
WEW, a THIELMANN company, has launched expanded Integrated Logistics Services for the support and refurbishment of tank container systems at its newly updated and expanded Weitefeld facility.
WEW, a THIELMANN company, has developed a new self-contained Fuel Storage and Dispensing (FSD) system for the remote refueling of land vehicles during deployed operations. 
People using handheld devices to visit the Rubb Military website is increasing, with almost 30% using a mobile or tablet in recent months.This is a significant increase from 21% for January to December 2015. To this end we are now launching our new responsive Rubb Military website to ensure that our audience has the best experience when viewing the site on different screen sizes.
A&D support, whether that is maintenance, engineering, supply or transportation, is complicated by the challenges of distance from the home base, environmental and operating pressures, and even cultural constraints in deployed operating areas. Maintenance in the field is very different from at the depot or base. Being aware of these unique environments will enable support solutions to be tailored in a more effective way.
Supplier: IFS

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