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Low insertion force connectors for space-constrained applications
Supplier: Hypertac
Who: Lion Apparel, the world’s largest supplier of firefighter protective clothing, serves the uniform and personal protective equipment (PPE) and logistics requirements of police and fire departments, civilian government agencies, emergency services and military organizations worldwide. What: Lion Connects is an interactive social media community published by Lion Apparel that is dedicated to helping the fire service, law enforcement and first responder communities perform better, be safer and stay healthier.
Supplier: Lion Apparel
The constantly changing shape of the global terrorist demands like minded fluid thinking to meet its intentions head on. As a world leader in CBRN ( chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear ) personal protective equipment, Lion Apparel is continually monitoring and revising its arsenal of garments in response to the shifting threat and a fresh mindset is emerging regarding the key qualities required to meet new operational requirements.
Supplier: Lion Apparel
The use of non-invasive techniques such as X-ray or PINS is well known in the CBEOD environment. Whilst these are effective in the correct circumstances, they are not always the best option. Invasive technology, which penetrates the device, offers many advantages and should be standard equipment within any EOD team. The Challenge.
The Ballistic ToolKit , chaired by MS Instruments’ Managing Director, Paul Everington, was formed in 2006 to assist Small and Medium-sized UK businesses in the defence sector to maximise their export potential. The primary purpose was to network their skills and pool their resources to appeal to the wider and more demanding requirements of potential customers.
Supplier: MS Instruments
Qioptiq, the renowned global photonics company and design and manufacturer of VIPIR thermal and KITE image intensified night vision equipment, demonstrates Dragon and Merlin, its latest products, at Eurosatory on . Enter the DRAGONS Qioptiq unveils 2 new Thermal Weapon sight Products at the Eurosatory show in Paris DRAGON Compact
Supplier: Qioptiq
Clear communications in noisy environments is the key to operational effectiveness for Armed forces around the world. Additionally, the need to protect soldiers’ hearing has become of paramount importance politically, financially and to maintain operational effectiveness. Delivering clear and concise communications while protecting soldiers’ hearing and providing situational awareness in a high tempo operation is a primary objective.

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