Border Security 2018
21 Feb 2018 to 22 Feb 2018
Location: Crowne Plaza Rome, St Peter’s Hotel & Spa, Rome, Italy
Tel: +44 (0)20 7827 6000
Email: hdegracia [at] smi-online [dot] co [dot] uk
As we look into the 21st century, the way in which military forces communicate, disseminate intelligence and issue orders is changing as several NATO-aligned nations pursue network enabled capabilities programmes. There is now an emphasis on ‘system of systems’ network that empowers a robust web of interaction between air and ground forces – maximising asset deployment and creating a common operating picture.As battlespace has become digitised, the focus on data and communication networking between joint forces and command and control facilities has taken centre stage. With combat exercises increasingly operating in asymmetrical environments, there is a growing need to exploit well networked forces. In this context, through streams of data and real-time analysis, decision making on the ground has become more effective and efficient - with robustly networked forces adaptively responding to threats with versatility and agility.SMi’s  Network Centric Warfare conference will focus on key aspects challenging and enhancing joint operations - in particular, utilisation of digital fire support, interoperability between air and ground based communication systems, digitalisation of battlespace, improving technical education and the Forza NEC programme.Featured speakers include the Italian Army, Italian Navy, US Army Europe, NATO, DSTL, UK MoD and more. See the full list of speakers and register on Early Birds apply: Book by 31 October to save £400. Book by 30 November to save £200. Book by 15 December to save £100.
Defence Logistics Central & Eastern Europe
06 Mar 2018 to 07 Mar 2018
Location: Hotel Angelo, Prague, Czech Republic
Tel: +44 (0)20 7827 6048
Email: psolanki [at] smi-online [dot] co [dot] uk
The SMi Group is proud to announce the third annual Defence Logistics Central and Eastern Europe conference, to be held in Prague from the 6th – 7th March 2018. Based on the success of our previous two defence logistics conference, which were supported by the Czech Armed Forces, we aim to enable senior logistics and combat service support representatives from local militaries, international defence organisations, and commercial entities to share and learn from one another in a highly focused environment. As allies continue to base troops in the area on a rotational basis, it is important to have an efficient logistics mechanism to support them and the host nation forces. As such, there needs to be an international standard which all forces must be brought up to, allowing for better integration and provision of services such as engineering, supply chain forecasting, fuel, medical assistance, transport, and logistics command and control. Join us this March, as SMi’s Defence Logistics Central and Eastern Europe conference brings together military speakers from regional and international nations to analyse and discuss the latest defence logistics advancements in terms of communications and C2 optimisation, transportation and logistics execution strategy, medical logistics capacity and planning, and logistics in mission operations. How Will You Benefit? Network and learn from:  • Lieutenant General Pavel Macko, Deputy Chief of the General Staff, Slovakian Armed Forces.  • Major General Jaromir Zuna, Director of Support Division, Czech Armed Forces.  • Major General Andreas Pernsteiner, Commanding Officer, Austrian Logistics Command.  • Major General Vlado Sindler, Head of Croatian Armed Forces Logistics, Croatian Army.  • Brigadier General Zoltan Bubenik, Director of the Military Medical Agency, Czech Armed Forces.  • Brigadier General Thomas Hambach, Deputy Commander the German Logistic Command, Bundeswehr.  • Brigadier General László Kaposvári, Hungarian General Staff, Acting Chief of Logistic Directorate.  • Commodore Adrian Aplin, Head of Defence Logistics Strategy, UK MoD.  • Colonel Tomasz Choluj, Coordinator for Logistics Planning J4, Polish Armed Forces.  • Colonel Jan Husak, Director, Multinational Logistics Coordination Centre (MLCC).  • Colonel Theodore Shinkle, Commander, DLA Europe and Africa, Defence Logistics Agency (DLA).  • Colonel Matt Wilkinson MBE (Late RE), Chief of Staff, Logistics Delivery Operating Centre, Defence Equipment & Support.  • Colonel Danilo Jazbec, Deputy Commander of the Logistics Brigade, Slovenian Armed Forces.  • Colonel Pedro Jooren, Logistics Directorate, Chief Logistics Branch Policy, European Union Military Staff, EEAS.  • Dr Franco Fiore, Chief of the Service Support and Business Application Service Line, NATO Communications and Business Applications Service Line.  • Johann Fischer, Head of Unit Land and Logistic Support, Capability, Armament and Technology Directorate, European Defence AgencySome Featured Highlights will include:  • The only military logistics conference to focus on the Central and Eastern European region.  • The Czech Republic will once again be a key supporter of the event, including Major General.  • Jaromir Zuna, Director of the Support Division of the Czech Armed Forces.  • Regional briefings from Central and Eastern European countries will include: Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia.  • Senior experts from international allies, including from the United Kingdom, USA, Germany, and the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA).  • Exposition of market-based solution partners and suppliers. View the full agenda: Early-Bird Rates. Register by 30th November & Save £400. Register by 15th December & Save £200. Register by 31st January & Save £100 
Future Soldier Technology 2018
13 Mar 2018 to 14 Mar 2018
Location: London, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 207 827 6138 or
Email: scargan [at] smi-online [dot] co [dot] uk
The 4th annual Future Solider Technology conference returns to London on the 13th and 14th March 2018.Future soldier programmes continue to be critically important for dismounted infantry operations around the world. As militaries are expected to operate in diverse environments – from artic to urban landscapes – developing materials, technologies and capabilities that enable soldiers to survive and thrive has become ever more important.As the only meeting solely dedicated to enhancing soldier modernisation programmes, Future Soldier Technology 2018 will provide a unique opportunity to see how emerging technologies and materials are used to overcome challenges in soldier modernisation programmes, from across the world.It will explore the key categories for development, such as: survivability, lethality, sustainability, mobility and C4i. Along with human factors and ergonomics (size, weight and power of systems), power requirements and much more.NEW FOR 2018: A pre-conference Focus Day on Dismounted Soldier Situational Awareness on 12th March 2018!Early bird discounts!Register by the 30th November to save £40015th December to save £20031st January to save £100Register online at: more information please contact: +44 (0) 207 827 6138 or email:
Air Mission Planning and Support
17 Apr 2018 to 18 Apr 2018
Location: London, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 207 827 6020
Email: nboumediene [at] smi-online [dot] co [dot] uk
SMi is delighted to announce the return of the 9th Annual Air Mission Planning and Support conference taking place in April 2018. Highlights for 2018’s conference include: 1. Air capability delivery and development insights from two major air forces - UK and USA.  2. Perspectives from the Royal Jordanian Air Force on air mission planning and support.  3. Technological upgrades and advancements for 5th generation aircraft and systems.  4. Responding to emerging global threats through maximising joint air capabilities.  5. A focus on mission support training and simulation.  Register by: December 15th and save £400.  January 31st and save £200.  February 28th and save £100.  Register online at
Robotic and Autonomous Systems
25 Apr 2018 to 26 Apr 2018
Location: London, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 207 827 6020
Email: nboumediene [at] smi-online [dot] co [dot] uk
SMi is delighted to announce the launch of Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) conference taking place in London, UK on 25th and 26th April 2018. 2018 Highlights: Hear the latest updates on the UK Ministry of Defence’s Robotics and Autonomous Systems Enhancement Programmes. Attend exclusive military briefings from the United Kingdom, Israel, the United States, Finland, and France. Benefit from a comprehensive approach to emerging autonomous and robotic technologies with briefings from academia, defence research and procurement agencies, as well as the military. Discuss and debate the key role of unmanned technology in supporting land operations through enhanced survivability, situational awareness, lethality, sustainability, and manoeuvrability. And more! Register by: December 15th and save £400. January 31st and save £200. February 28th and save £100. Register online at
Future Artillery
14 May 2018 to 16 May 2018
Location: Stamford Bridge, London, UK
Tel: 44 (0) 207 368 9300
Email: enquire [at] iqpc [dot] co [dot] uk
Over 15 Heads of Artillery and 200 delegates from over 30 nations will participate at the 15th annual Future Artillery conference, between 14th and 16th May 2018, in London, and debate how to best formulate joint-fires capabilities for the operational environment through to 2035. The 2018 forum will discuss additional key topics such as; multi-domain battle, mobility and mechanisation, range extension, reconnaissance & surveillance, target identification, smart munitions, electronic warfare and cyberspace operations.
Unmanned Maritime Systems
16 May 2018 to 17 May 2018
Location: London, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 207 827 6020
Email: nboumediene [at] smi-online [dot] co [dot] uk
Top Highlights.  1. Join programme managers, thought leaders and senior officers at Europe’s only conference solely focused on naval unmanned and autonomous platforms and systems.  2. Hear comprehensive updates from a plethora of organisations from the host nation in the wake of the successful Unmanned Warrior 2016 exercise. These valuable briefings include – but are not limited to - Dr Phillip Smith, Senior Scientist, Platform Systems Division, DSTL; a leading figure within MAST (Maritime Autonomy Surface Testbed) and driver of the autonomous revolution within the UK & Rear Admiral Keith Blount, ACNS, Aviation, Amphibious Capability and Carriers, Royal Navy – the senior flag officer responsible for the operation of the navies unmanned aerial assets who will provide a valuable end-user perspective on the utilisation of these platforms.  3. Develop your international network and enhance your understanding of key programmes from around the world with informative briefings from the German Navy, Belgian Navy, Swedish Defence Material Organisation (FMV), EUNAVFOR Somalia, NATO MCM Centre of Excellence, ONR Global, Naval Surface Warfare Division, US Navy and more.  4. Gain access to key industrial partners within a dedicated solutions zone where cutting edge technology and unmanned and autonomous solutions from vendors such as Leonardo will be showcased.  And more!  Register by:  January 31st and save £400  February 28th and save £200  March 29th and save £100.  Register online at
Helicopter Technology Central and Eastern Europe
23 May 2018 to 24 May 2018
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Tel: +44 (0) 207 827 6020
Email: nboumediene [at] smi-online [dot] co [dot] uk
Event Highlights.  Keynote briefing from Major General Jaromir Sebesta, Air Force Commander of the Czech Air Force.  Hear from representatives from the V4 nations: Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia.  Listen to detailed updates on helicopter programmes and procurement goals the US Marine Corps, French Air Force, Royal Canadian Air Force, Joint Helicopter Command, and Commando Helicopter Force.  A unique opportunity to explore new technologies and programmes from industry representatives and exhibitors.  The only regionally dedicated military helicopter conference in 2018.  And more!  Register by:  January 31st and save £400.  February 28th and save £200.  March 29th and save £100.  Register online at
Future Armoured Vehicle Weapon Systems
05 Jun 2018 to 06 Jun 2018
Location: London, UK
Tel: T: +44 (0) 207 827 6020
Email: nboumediene [at] smi-online [dot] co [dot] uk
Benefits of attending.  Develop an international perspective on armoured vehicle firepower with presentations from the Israeli MoD, Canadian Armed Forces and German Army, along with key briefings from host nation agencies.  Listen to technical briefings from industry experts including Rheinmetall, FNSS and CTA International – as well as a dedicated exhibition space to showcase the latest the latest lethality technologies.  Hear comprehensive briefings from the United States with updates from Next Generation Combat Vehicle, Abrams Main Battle Tank, PEO Ammunition, Maneuver Centre of Excellence and PEO Ground Combat Systems.  Explore the latest technologies, systems and platforms that are revolutionising how military forces conduct mechanised warfare.  Register by:  February 28th and save £400  March 29th and save £200  April 30th and save £100.  Register online at 
EUROSATORY exhibition 2018
11 Jun 2018 to 15 Jun 2018
Location: 65, rue de Courcelles 75008 Paris – FRANCE
Tel: +33 (0) 1 44 14 58 10
Email: info [at] cogesevents [dot] com
EUROSATORY is the world leading event dedicated to land and airland defence and security organised by COGES. It offers a unique opportunity to meet in a single place all the land & airland Defence and Security manufacturers, to discover the latest trends and technological innovations in the domain and to expand their professional network.

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