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Valent Applications Ltd are inventors, manufacturers and developers of specialist equipment for EOD and CBRN environments. We have a flair for thinking differently with the ethos “we will find a way or make one”. Our expertise is varied, with backgrounds in explosives, EOD/IEDD, engineering, electronics and chemistry.

EOD-IEDD Engineering Electronics and Chemistry EOD-IEDD Engineering Electronics and Chemistry

How We Work

Our work is underpinned by 4 key ideas;

  • Invention
  • Expertise & Experience
  • Persistence
  • Flexibility

We do have a genuinely different approach. Through our operational experience we know it is not good enough to just think about our part in the process. An EOD team has work through many different steps when dealing with a device and our work is designed to be as focused on the user’s goal as they are.

CBW Sampling and Disposal

Monica Remote Case Entry Systems

CBW Sampling and Disposal Monica Remote Case Entry Systems

Innovation at the Core

Innovation is an overused word these days but at Valent Applications Ltd we can proudly say we deserve it. In 2006 our Monica Remote Case Entry system was awarded the Queens Award for Innovation. So it is nice to know Her Majesty agrees.

Who We Work With

We have worked with the military for over 20 years producing equipment that exceeds user’s requirements. A look at our client list reveals just how demanding those requirements can be.

  • UK Military EOD/CT teams
  • SIBCRA teams
  • US Military EOD/WMD units
  • Swedish EOD units
  • CBW Disposal organisations
  • UNMOVIC missions
  • Special Forces
  • Classified clients

Our reputation ensures we continue to have excellent relationships with some of the world’s most elite military and civilian response units.

The Advantages of Invasive Technology

Sampling and Disposal of Hazardous Sealed Vessels and Systems

Sampling and Disposal of Hazardous Sealed Vessels and Systems Sampling and Disposal of Hazardous Sealed Vessels and Systems

Valent Applications Ltd has built its reputation in the field of invasive technologies for the investigation and disposal of CB devices. Disposal of these devices presents two distinct challenges;

  • What is inside them
  • How to dispose of them without contaminating the surrounding area

There are many non-invasive techniques on the market but most are ineffective at handling sealed containers. Those that can “see” inside can be easily fooled. Complete certainty is only achieved by the analysis of a physical sample from inside the device. The problem is how to do that without allowing the contents to contaminate the adjoining environment.

Additionally, non-invasive techniques do not assist when tackling the second issue. Where a device cannot be moved it must be disposed of in-situ. Near sensitive targets blowing in place (BIP) is not an option as it will simply do the terrorists job for them. In these circumstances invasive technology provides a vital capability.

Not only can it penetrate any device without releasing the contents but it allows operators to sample, drain, neutralize and investigate devices through one hole with no risk to the surrounding area. All this can be done minutes after arrival on-site. In addition, preservation of the device allows for excellent evidential collection to assist criminal investigations and prosecutions.

CBRN and EOD Products

Valent Applications Ltd has a wide range of specialist EOD and CBRN equipment. Our range includes;

CBR EOD – Investigation and Disposal Equipment

  • In-situ sampling & disposal of CB munitions and IEDs
  • Any agent, target, size, shape or material
  • Fast, safe investigation and disposal

Valent Applications Ltd lead the way in developing equipment which can invasively interrogate and dispose of a wide range of munitions and other vessels. This ranges from our flagship Monica system for CBEOD operations to the hand held Midas system for rapid sampling of sealed containers.

CBRN Disposal and Containment Systems

  • Portable equipment for draining and decontamination of CB devices

CBRN Disposal and Containment Systems CBRN Disposal and Containment Systems

Our MATS equipment offers a unique capability for the draining and decontamination of munitions in-situ. Additionally we have a range of portable containment systems for the transportation of hazardous materials.

EOD Equipment

  • Innovative Solutions to EOD Challenges

At Valent Applications Ltd we pride ourselves on looking at conventional EOD problems slightly differently. From our unique MATE Trepanning system, which cuts disposal times in half, to our Matilda Fuze Removal system we have a range of equipment which significantly assists EOD operations.


We know that our clients will use our equipment in harsh environments. Our support is more than a free phone number. Firstly, all our kit can be maintained by the operator in the field, saving time and cost. Secondly, our kit comes with spares as standard items to minimise downtime. Additionally, our teams will deploy in theatre to assist with maintenance if necessary. We also offer full servicing and upgrades packages, depending on user requirements.


Our equipment always comes fully supported by a comprehensive training package. In our time we have trained units in theatre all over the world. The training covers operational use and in-unit servicing. In addition we offer specialist training on many aspects of EOD and CBRN.

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