Barrus (E.P) Ltd

Consultancy, Design, Development and Testing of
Custom-Built Engines

The Special Products Division of E. P. Barrus Ltd is a dedicated team set-up to design and develop custom-built engines and accessories to meet the specific operational requirements of its professional customers. The team has the experience and knowledge to solve the stringent requirements and applications of specialist organisations including professional rescue services, the military and other government and commercial organisations.

Custom-Engine Building and Test Facilities

Military Boat Engine Test Facility Custom Engine Building and Test Facilities

Barrus has made a substantial investment to create one of the world’s largest and most modern custom-engine building facilities at the company’s headquarters in Bicester, Oxfordshire. This enables Barrus to build engines in single units to production runs in excess of 100. Barrus’ test facilities enable delivery of fully tested run-in and first serviced engines.
Barrus facilities include:

  • Five dynamometers capable of testing diesel engines up to 1600hp, with Europe’s only non-captive sterndrive dyno, a variable down-angle dyno and the world’s only Fabio Buzzi Trimax drive compatible dyno.
  • Two overhead mono-rail production lines capable of taking outboard engines up to 350hp and inboard engines up to 500hp.
  • An outboard test cell which can accommodate up to eight 350hp engines with transoms from 15” to 30”.
  • A machine shop and welding centre for prototype and low volume manufacture.
  • A dedicated engine overhaul area
  • A spray booth with warm air ventilation for superior paint finish

Mariner and Mercury Outboard Engines

Mariner and Mercury are the leaders in outboard engine technology with the most advanced and broadest range of outboards available. Mariner outboards have an awesome reputation for reliability and durability with the latest engines delivering an unsurpassed level of smooth power, fuel efficiency and emission levels.

Mariner Outboard Engines Mariner and Mercury Outboard Engines

Mercury outboards are packed with features offering exceptional power and performance right through the range. The flagship Verado 4-stroke models offer the most advanced supercharged power with breathtaking top speed and acceleration. Barrus supply Mariner 2-stroke engines from 4 to 250hp.Mariner/Mercury 4-stroke engines from 2.5 to 90hp, Mariner/Mercury Optimax engines from 75 to 225hp and Mercury Verado engines from 150 to 300hp.

Post Immersion Restart Engines

Post Immersion Restart Engines Military Post Immersion Restart Engines

Barrus leads the field in the development of Post Immersion Restart Engines for use in rescue and military operations. The unique, patented  FAST PIRSTM system enables an engine to be restarted after complete submersion within just 40 seconds. This entails evacuating all the water from the cylinder head, transfer ports and fuel system.

Multi-Fuel Outboard Engines

Multifuel Outboard Engines Multifuel Outboard Engines

Another example of Barrus innovation is the multi-fuel 50hp outboard engine. This was designed and developed for the UK MoD and is capable of running on four different NATO fuels.

Yanmar and John Deere Inboard Engines

Yanmar marine diesel engines are renowned for their rugged reliability and economical operation with the light-duty commercial engines ranging from 53 to 530hp.
The Yanmar high-speed diesels offer a propulsion and auxiliary power range from 12hp to 911hp with the renowned reliability, durability and efficiency that are the trademarks of the Yanmar marine diesel engine range.

Military Inboard Engines Yanmar and John Deere Military Inboard Engines

John Deere marine propulsion and generator engines (107 to 750hp) are designed and manufactured with the demands of the commercial user in mind featuring low noise, low vibration and excellent fuel economy.

Rescue and Disaster Relief
Air Liftable Pump

Utilised by H.M. Coastguard search and rescue helicopters, the 2” trash pump with a lightweight air portable frame can be used for salvage, fire fighting and general pumping.

Air Liftable Water Pump Salt Water Pump

Salt Water Pump

A Yanmar powered Barrus supplied salt water pump that is ideal for applications on salt water and mild base chemical.

SeaSearch Inflatables

SeaSearch inflatables from 3.9 to 4.2m have heavy-duty aluminium floors and can be rowed or powered by Mariner outboard engines up to 30hp.

SeaSearch Inflatables MoD Emergency Relief Generator

MoD Emergency Relief Generator

The MoD specification Emergency Relief Generator is powered by a low noise, air-cooled, single cylinder Yanmar engine. The rugged frame with a durable electrophoretic coating makes it easy to move around and will withstand the rigours of continuous operation.

Custom Built Accessories

Custom Built Accessories Custom Built Accessories

Barrus has designed, proven and patented a comprehensive range of accessories to enhance the operational tasks of its commercial users:

  • Outboard Propeller Guards
  • Twin Engine Single Tiller
  • Engine Transit Frames
  • Engine Lifting Harness
  • Umbilical Tube
  • Rotationally Cast Fuel Tanks
  • Waterproof Hour Meters
  • Reversible Carrying Handles
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