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Brugg Kabel AG is Switzerland’s leading cable producer, a well-established, family owned Swiss company. We offer our customers an entire product range for the transmission of signals, either by cupper or by fiber-optic cables and power covering everything from low voltage cables up to 550 kilovolt high voltage cables and power supplies for construction sites.

In our in-house research and development department we work constantly on new innovative products. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop customized system solutions and handle large-scale projects for entire power supply systems. We are specialized in assembling special cables with connectors, ready made for customer’s applications.

Reliable Tactical Fiber Optic Cable Solutions

Military organizations are demanding real-time applications, such as video transmission and video conferencing with their current and future C4I systems. Tactical field radio and microwave communications media are reaching the limit of achieving these demands where higher bandwidths are required. The need for tactical fiber-optic cables to fulfill these operational demands is increasing enormously.

Reliable Tactical Fiber Optic Cable Solutions

Working closely with leading military services in Europe and overseas, Brugg Cables is challenged to find new innovative cable solutions to meet the needs of harsh field environment communications. One example is the new smart BRUfield tactical cable solution, which enables faster deployment and enhancement of your network perimeter.

Reliable Military Fiber Optic Cable Systems

Picture: Courtesy of Luftwaffe/Klaus Sattler

Brugg Cables offer fiber optic cables and accessories for military and civilian applications.  These cables, attachments and deployment systems have been successfully deployed in military applications around the world.  Brugg Cables are known for their exceptional product quality and client-oriented services.

Fiber Optic Cable Designs

Brugg Cables supply specialist fiber optic cable designs for military applications. The company actively develops inventive solutions to fulfill specific military requirements. Brugg Cables fiber optic cable solutions have been chosen again and again for deployment in demanding military scenarios under severe climatic conditions. The cables are provided, pre-assembled with mil-spec lens-connectors or ferrule connectors, supplied on a choice of cable reels for efficient cable deployment.

Fiber Optic Cable Designs Fiber-optic Cable Designs Fiber Optic Cable Design

BRUfield the smart tactical fiber-optic cable is a very robust dielectric cable distinguished by its very small diameter and its very low weight. With the same size reel you are using with your standard tactical fiber cables, you can deploy double the distance as of today using the BRUfield cable. Furthermore soldiers would not suffer under the heavy weight since the BRUfield cable is approx. half the weight of standard tactical cables. Finally the BRUfield cable meets exceptional specifications, which out-performs standard dielectric cable types.

BRUmil: Designed for use in demanding field scenarios, the extremely thin BRUmil cable contains up to 8 fibers in an armored, stainless steel tube and an abrasion-protected polyamide jacket.  This small cable is highly resistant to crushing, has a high tensile performance, and is fully protected against damage from rodents.  The narrow cable design enables as much as double the amount of cable to be rolled onto a reel as is possible with standard designs.

BRUpowermil is a hybrid cable design combining the mechanical advantages of BRUmil cables with a pair of coaxial conductors and 4 data transfer fibers for simultaneous transmission of data and power under harsh environmental conditions. Like the BRUmil, it has high compressive and tensile strength, and a fully rodent-proof coating.

BRUtough: Adapted for military applications, BRUtough tight-buffered cables feature a non-metallic design with a polyurethane jacket for optimum flexibility.  This robust cable design is well suited to rapid and frequent deployment in tactical operations.

Fiber optic cable design - Power and Data Transfer over the same Cable

Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

Supporting their range of military cables, Brugg Cables also offer military connectors, reels for up to 10 km of BRUfield or BRUmil cables and backpacks for rapid deployment in challenging military scenarios.

Backpack reels, hand-operated reels and vehicle-mounted reels are available with capacities between one hundred and ten thousand meters. These allow cables to be deployed quickly and efficiently in military installations of all scales. The ergonomically designed backpack reel enables easy deployment of short to medium cable lengths up to thousand meters by just two soldiers.

Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies - System Reels Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies - Cable Backpack Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies - Vehicle Cable Reels

Brugg Cables assembles any military connectors with integrated lenses or butt-joint connectors. The connectors are fully consistent with the company's cable designs, and include specialist hybrid connectors for use with BRUpowermil cables.

Military Cable Deployment Aids

Brugg Cables offer a versatile selection of cable deployment aids to ensure correct deployment and installation. These include cable shoes and hooks for anchoring cables to buildings, trees and other surfaces together with telescopic poles for guiding and anchoring cables over obstacles, as well as floor ducts for protection of cables at ground level.

Cable Deployment Aids - Wedge Clamps Military Cable Deployment Aids-Wedge Clamps Military Fibre Optic Cable Deployment Aids

Brugg Cables Communication Systems

International forces, organizations and peace missions require rugged, mobile communications equipment. Supporting their range of cables and cable accessories, Brugg Cables offer customized communication systems to integrate the hardened network into COTS infrastructure. The company is particularly experienced in the provision of fiber optic cables linking interoperable communications systems.

BRUMIL Communication Systems BruggCables Communication Systems Distribution Bar for Data and Power Connection

Brugg Cables offer a diverse range of rugged communications systems adapted for various climates and requirements. Brugg Cables interoperable communications equipment is designed for speedy deployment and trouble-free operation.

This is achieved through modular arrangements of electrical systems built into rugged shipping containers. A typical communications set-up includes a robust power supply module, an air conditioning unit to protect against overheating of the equipment, and a choice of customized data modules for storage, processing and surge-protected data transmission.

Lightning / Surge Protection

Brugg Cables provide full lightning and surge protection for all power supplies and Ethernet connections. Masts and cables are exposed to lightning strikes. Together, these systems safeguard both communications equipment and personnel against the dangers of lightning strikes.

Remote Power Supplies

Military Lightning Surge Protection Military Lightning Surge Protection Systems Military Lightning Surge Protector

Brugg Cables' hybrid BRUpowermil cables and connectors combine integrated power lines and fiber optic cables, allowing simultaneous transmission of data and electricity. This represents a huge advantage when linking to remote communications systems over long distance.

Tactical Communications Training and Maintenance

Rapidly deployed communications equipment must be correctly installed and maintained to ensure effective and reliable operation. Brugg Cables provide specialist tactical infrastructure training courses covering the installation, maintenance and repair of their cables and equipment. This training also helps to extend the lifespan of the hardware, reducing expenditures over the life of the equipment.

Communications Infrastructure - Traininig and Maintenance Military Communications Infrastructure Traininig and Maintenance Traininig and Maintenance - Cable Test and Repair Kits

Military Cable Test and Repair Kits

Brugg Cables supply a choice of cable test and repair kits for tactical cables and assemblies.  These include the BRUMIL 810 Tactical Cable Measuring Case for testing tactical fiber optic cable networks, the BRUMIL 880 Tactical Cable Repair Case for repairing cables in the workshop (with an optional extension kit for repairing BRUpowermil hybrid cables) and the BRUMIL 860 Emergency Field Repair Kit for rapid repairs during operations.

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