Shoothouse provides the range user with a complete firearms training solution from range equipment through targets systems to design of live fire training facilities.

Fulcrum Target System

Tactical Target Systems

Fulcrum Target System

•    Main design criteria - portability and speed of set-up for tactical training scenarios.

•    Fully self-contained in rugged, sealed case - IP55.

•    Each remote-controlled unit is fully equipped for turn, pop-up and swing-out target presentations.




RTS Reactive Target SystemsRTS Reactive Target Systems

The RTS Target assemblies contain no metal parts, eliminating ricochet. The RTS Target components are all made from self-healing polymers ensuring cost-effective training and shooter safety even at point-blank range. The RTS system is modular and consists of:

•    Static/Reactive Targets Self-sealing Targets.
•    A Hit Detect System

All elements of the RTS system can be purchased individually, or as assemblies, or as kits. This gives you the maximum  flexibility in designing your target system to match your training objectives.

The RTS self-healing targets can be integrated with the Fulcrum Target System.

Specialist Targets

We supply a range of specialist targets; self-sealing, thermal and 3D:

Clearing ‘Make-safe’ Traps

Clearing ‘Make-safe’ TrapsThese make-safe clearance traps are compact and very effective - the APC-100D can stop up to .50 cal. AP ammunition!

Clearance traps are offered with a variety of fixings and mounts to ensure ease of installation and use.

We offer a variety of designs to support military, law enforcement and special forces applications.

Shoothouse Scenario Furniture

•    Furniture is life-size and can be ordered in a variety of colours.
•    The furniture has been designed for use with live ammunition and will not break up or tear when hit.
•    The furniture is supplied with PVC covers to allow wipe-down during range cleaning.
•    The furniture meets UK domestic furniture fire rating requirements.
•    We supply the British Army and many police forces and agencies in the UK and world-wide.
•    The furniture can be ordered in sets or individual items.

Personal Protective Equipment

Our web-site also features specialist protective equipment including tactical shooting glasses sets by Swiss Eye and hearing protection from Howard Leight.

Personal Protective Hearing Equipment Personal and Protective Mask Equipment Personal and Protective Helmet Equipment

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