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The BV, still providing hot water to the troops
And now cools as well

The BV (boiler vessel) is well known throughout the British Forces as it has been proving troops in vehicles, of all shapes and sizes, with continuous hot water for brewing up or cooking rash packs. It has been called the morale booster, amongst other things, and its rugged design has meant that it has been accompanying troops in theatres across the world for many decades in the Challenger, Foxhound, Scorpion,  and the Jackal, to name but a few.

Military Vehicle Mounted Water and Ration Heaters-The BV - Boiler Vessel  

It draws its power from the vehicle which means there is no need to stop to take a much needed rehydration break, which could make vehicles and troops vulnerable to attack and slow the mission. Excellent insulation means that it keeps water hot for hours, the outside is cool to touch and it has a very low thermal image.

The company, Electrothermal, that first designed the BV, in conjunction with the MOD back in the 1980’s, and it is estimated that there are over 20,000 deployed today. Recently this innovative company has taken a step forward and developed the cooled BV! Not only does this device provide the same heated water and rash pack solutions as the original BV, it now also has the capacity to deliver cooled water on demand! It cools at 1°C per minute to 20°C below the ambient temperature, so can deliver the troops cooled water during those hot drives and deployment . . . and then as the ambient temperature dives, it can simply be switched to heat and it will provide heated water for drinks or for chow.

Electrothermal has been supporting troops on the move for years and is an active supporter of Help the Heroes . . .  Let’s give our guys the best support we can, cold and hot water is a must on the move!

RAK15 Water and Ration Heater

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