Advanced Jamming and Spoofing System upgraded with real-time capability

In the light of the Ukrainian war, reports emerged that the full spectrum of Navigation Warfare is being used within Ukraine on both sides. This especially includes GNSS jamming and spoofing and has a significant influence on troop and also civilian operations in the area. The most recent reports of system malfunctions due to GNSS signal issues show that there is a clear need for improvement in terms of defence against Navigation Warfare attacks and training within Navigation Warfare environments. The new improved AJ+S system covers this need and can be a substantial part of development and training facilities.

The Advanced Jamming and Spoofing System (AJ+S) from OHB Digital Solutions GmbH is a portable and field-proven solution for GNSS interference, jamming and spoofing needs. With AJ+S it is possible to simulate and actually generate interference signals in addition to real-world signals.

AJ+S enables users of GNSS-based equipment to test and harden their systems and processes when facing navigation warfare attacks. Proper navigation warfare defence has to be tested in laboratory as well as field conditions, which both can be done by using the AJ+S system. AJ+S is based on the sophisticated GNSS simulation engine GIPSIE from OHB Digital Solutions and high-quality signal generation hardware. Together with the necessary accessories like reference receiver, power amplifier and transmission antenna, the system is easy to setup and easy to use in a portable rack box. It is therefore an optimal solution to cover both laboratory and field scenarios in various phases of preparation, development and training.

The newest development within OHB Digital Solutions is the real-upgrade of the GIPSIE GNSS simulator with even improved signal quality and simulation capabilities in terms of new types of interference signals. This simulator is the basis of the AJ+S system, which means that AJ+S is now upgraded to be a real-time and easy-to-use Jamming and Spoofing device. The real-time simulation engine increases the possibilities especially in terms of high-dynamic scenarios and more sophisticated spoofing attack types.

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