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For more than a decade, the Defence Design Agency (DDA) has worked with defence and aerospace clients worldwide, bringing shared expertise and knowledge of the defence industry for the benefits of our clients.

We have a team of talented web designers, graphic designers and copywriters on hand, to do justice to the quality and excellence of your products with stylish and accurate marketing collateral.

Whether it’s printed material which looks more vibrant than your current offering, some compelling content written and designed into a press release or a download, or you’re looking for help with a new website or exhibition stand, we can certainly help you.

The management team behind DDA is shared with MS&T – we know from talking to our customers in the industry that creative marketing probably isn’t something which comes naturally to you. If you have your own team, that’s fine. But many defence businesses would love to be able to outsource the marketing and design work to a trusted partner who understands the industry and also has avenues on hand to get the brand out there. That’s where we come in.

Take a look at our services below and visit the dedicated pages for more information about what we do, who we’ve worked with and for some testimonials from our many satisfied customers. We’re sure you’ll find us a reliable partner.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Events and Exhibitions. We know how difficult it can be to show your wares off worldwide – the logistics is hard enough without worrying about design and technicalities. Let us take the burden off your shoulders. Read more…
  • Brochures and Data Sheets. They’re one of your most important sales tools, but they’re often neglected. Make them sing! We’ll turn your documents into dynamic collateral which does justice to your products. Read more…
  • Websites. Sales prospects will increasingly end up here as a first introduction to your products, so you need to strike the right first impression. We can host, design and maintain your website so it does what you need it to. Read more…
  • Adverts and Editorials. It’s a competitive world out there and it’s hard to attract eyes and keep them focused. We can help draw attention to your products and provide written content which tells the right story. Read more…


Events & Exhibitions

Organising events and exhibitions around the world can be a trying experience. From liaising with various suppliers in different countries, transporting products to a specific place at a set time, to organising stands… if you add in technical and creative demands as well, it can be a challenge, to say the least. That’s why many of our clients prefer to pass the responsibility for exhibition display management and design over to us. We’ll coordinate every aspect of the build – from registration and fee negotiation, to electrics, lighting, furniture designing and printing. Let us work with you as your creative partner, so you have a faultless stand when you arrive at the show.

On design, DDA’s graphics team can create bespoke graphics for any event, at any size, giving your products the impact they deserve. We’ll work closely with you on design, editing imagery, on layout and printing.

"We’ll offer ideas based on a decade of experience and execute our work with energy and commitment."

Brochures and data sheets

Often neglected, brochures and data sheets are one of the most important sales tools a company can produce. Done right they’re informative and engaging, communicating important information about your products’ key features. 

Easy to download digitally, brochures and data sheets work well when printed as a tactile and engaging piece of sales and marketing collateral. They’re really important.

So why not create something which matches the quality of your product? DDA has a back catalogue of stunning, bespoke brochures and data sheets which we have produced for our defence clients.  We have a team of professional graphic designers and print managers with years of experience, on hand and ready to work with you to achieve your required goal.

Things to consider are your target audience and the key benefits which need communicating. We can help you draw those out, then complement our advice with compelling copy, concise product specifications and stunning technical illustrations to maximise impact. 

We’re happy to enhance your existing collateral within your current brand guidelines or, if you want, we can help you develop something completely new.


Increasingly, websites are the first port-of-call for potential customers. All too often they’re clunky, hard to navigate and lacking in style – an inferior representation on the quality products they’re supposed to support.

DDA has supplied custom built websites to a range of small and medium-sized defence companies and associations.  The process starts by establishing and articulating your requirements and goals, so our designers can create conceptual ideas before instructing our experienced developers on how to execute the build process.

A good website is one of several key elements of your digital marketing strategy. We’ll help you find something which properly represents your brand, a one-of-a-kind site which is tailored to your specific requirements. 

And websites shouldn’t be stagnant – they need to be updated as your offering changes. So we can provide ongoing hosting, management and maintenance packages so that your site remains fresh and relevant.

Adverts & Editorials

How do you make your products stand out from the crowd – the one which eyes rest on, while a reader is flicking around a website, online publication or a print magazine? 

Creating an advert or an editorial which has genuine impact is no simple feat. If you’re trying to sell a product, promote a brand or highlight company news, DDA has the creative insight and industry experience to create something with real impact that engages with your customers.

Adverts which are designed with style to communicate key messages to potential customers. Editorials which pull in and engage readers, raising brand awareness while telling them a story at the same time. It’s tricky stuff to get right, but we can help.

Recent Projects

  • Date:
  • Company: CRFS

CRFS - Electronic Warfare - Awareness Video

Promotional Video Production

We were asked by CRFS to produce a promotional awareness video that introduces Electronic Warfare and the position of CRFS in that space.  Fully produced and edited by us the video used AI voice over narration to put across the core message: To dominate the spectrum, militaries need highly specialised sensors and intelligent software that processes raw data and turn it into active intelligence.…

Read More
NP Aerospace

Stand Designed and Managed for DSEI

We really enjoyed working with NP Aerospace for the show DSEI. We sourced stand suppliers, designed the graphics and co-ordinated the build. 

Read More
Schroth GmbH

A new and exciting advert / editorial created for Schroth.

We worked witH Schroth to create a new and exciting advert/editorial. 

Read More
  • Date:
  • Company: 4GD

Article Designed by us..

We were happy to work with 4GD again creating yet another article. Our design team enjoy the challenge of creating eye catching designs. 

Read More


Some kind words from a long standing client. Thank you Natasha.!!

Mrs Natasha Miller, Head of Marketing at Pulse Power Management

I have worked with Tony and Guy at Military Systems and Technology for a number of years; their defence focus and graphic design skillset differentiates them from others. Work has included graphics for a number of exhibition stands, print adverts, animated digital adverts and more!

DDA assist Horstman at DSEI 2019

Trevor Prynne, Director of Business Development at Horstman Defence Systems Limited, said:

The stand at BIDEC looks good & the graphics work well, thank you for the support.

Rob Robinson, Sales Manager at Qioptiq

Tony and team are very proactive with their clients...

Naomi Buckland, Senior Off-Highway Communications Specialist, Cummins Ltd

It was an excellent choice and they are a pleasure to work with

Mr David Roke, General Manager, Paramount Panels UK

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