Avon EZAir Takes the Heat from Middle Eastern Market

 Avon Protection Systems’ EZAir, the first of its new generation of NIOSH approved compact, battery powered modular airflow units, is now winning major orders in the Middle East following successful trials.

Avon EZAir
Battery Powered Modular Airflow Units

By combining an advance in Avon respiratory system engineering within an ergonomically designed housing unit, the EZAir delivers a dramatic reduction in the physical burden of traditional respiratory systems.  This has found particular favour with law enforcement teams and first responder units operating in  the arduous Middle Eastern climate – where temperatures regularly exceeds 40 centigrade.

Both Bahrain and Quatar have now placed significant orders for EZAir units to complement their large stocks of Avon FM53 and C50 masks with further orders from the Saudi National Guard expected soon.

At the heart of the Avon EZAir modular unit is a super-light engine.  This drives a compact, self contained blower unit which incorporates Avon’s NIOSH approved CTF12 riot filters.   In addition, on board warning alarms, supported by ‘hot swap’ removable batteries, provides the wearer with an incredibly lightweight and versatile system that delivers a new level of comfort combined with traditional Avon respiratory protection.

According to Steve Windley, Avon’s Sales Manager for the Middle East, “Reducing wearer burden is particularly important during high intensity periods of activity, especially for the high temperatures that face Middle Eastern law enforcement or HAZMAT teams during pro-longed crowd-monitoring or CBRN clean-up scenarios.

“Designed primarily for use with Avon Protection’s class leading FM53 and C50 full-face respirator, the Avon EZAir module has introduced  a new category of breath assist blower with a wellbeing product that makes it easier and cooler to breathe, and  reduces the size and weight of traditionally burdensome respiratory support systems.”

Avon’s newly designed modular respiratory engine weighs just 225g and measures 70mm x 120mm in diameter. This, Avon claims, positions it as the smallest self-contained blower unit with integrated battery pack on the market.  The unit can run on three different power options:  replaceable CR-123; rechargeable Li-ion or single use emergency battery.  Depending on filter and battery configuration, the unit will run from 4-10 hours and is supported with on board warning alarms.

However, it is the new level of wearer comfort that Avon believes will prove Avon’s EZAir greatest attraction. Here the unit provides users with cooler air intake, elimination of potential for mask fogging, and a lower breathing resistance when compared to non-assisted filters. All of which enables the wearer to last much longer in a physically taxing scenario.  And, equipped with Avon’s CTF12 filter, the wearer is fully protected from non-lethal riot agents, including tear gas and pepper spray.

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