Calian Awarded Training Contract by the French Ministry of Defence Land Forces

  • Date: 22nd October 2021
  • Company: Calian

Calian to support the French Ministry of Defence in increasing readiness of 60,000 troops

OTTAWA, October 21, 2021 – Calian® Group Ltd. (TSX: CGY), provider of trusted solutions across Advanced Technologies, Health, Learning and IT and Cyber Solutions segments, was selected by the French Ministry of Defence Land Forces to develop scenario and exercise script for upskilling 60,000 troops as part of one of their core 2022-2023 defence exercise programs, Exercise HEMEX ORION 2023. The French Ministry of Defence, a net new defence customer, chose Calian based on a solid track record of managing complex training requirements while ensuring reduced time to competency.

Exercise HEMEX ORION 2023 aims to increase readiness of the armed forces, training combat formations and supporting arms to plan and conduct high-intensity operations. Calian specializes in simulating high-intensity situations such as these and will produce a four-phase program, linked to a common scenario, culminating in a land-based exercise that combines simulated and real manoeuvres. During this land-based exercise, participants from Rapid Reaction Corps-France (HQ RRC-FR) will practice newly acquired skills on French terrain in real-time.

HQ RRC-FR employs 450 personnel, including 70 non-French officers and non-commissioned officers from 12 different EU and NATO countries. These personnel are trained to perform a wide variety of missions, from initial entry to stabilization operations. Through HQ RRC-FR, France can contribute according to its position and international commitments, while remaining consistent with the requirements of national security and defence, within the framework of the EU or NATO.

Chesney Clark, Managing Director, Cadence, a Calian company said, “The more realistic a training exercise, the greater the participant readiness. Our expertise in enhancing the realism of exercises like these means participants from across the French Armed Forces and NATO will leave prepared to face conventional and non-conventional forces.”

In addition to developing exercises, Calian trainers – all with military backgrounds – are experts in strategic planning, problem solving and working under pressure, often in hostile conditions. This unique skill set comes from interpersonal coaching and mentoring, using subject-matter experts, role-players and interpreters to enhance the realism of international training scenarios.

While not a material announcement, this illustrates the Calian track record of delivering high-quality military training to European and Canadian audiences. Calian currently delivers much of the strategic and operational training to NATO Command Structure and NATO Force Structure commands. This contract began in September 2021 and runs to May 2023.

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