Cobham Antenna Systems Proud to Support Liverpool University in IMechE ’s UAS Challenge 2015

Cobham Antenna Systems, a market - leading supplier of antennas, is proud to announce the sponsorship of the Liverpool University Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) team taking part in IMechE’s UAS Challenge 2015.

IMechE’s UAS Challenge 2015

Cobham has supplied antennas, cables, connectors and has provided its expertise to the Liverpool Team.

First test reports, from the team, showed exceptional results with operational range more than doubled when compared with the standard ‘off the shelf’ antennas.

This improvement in range was prior to installation of a groundplane for the antenna being mounted on the UAS which is expected to further enhance the useable range.

The results clearly demonstrate the importance of the antennas in UAS communications range, which is critical for their safe operation and use.

Nickolay Jelev, part of the Liverpool team, had this to say: "Thank you to the team of engineers at Cobham Antenna Systems, Newmarket who helped us secure the communications antennas for our video and telemetry links. These will provide us with communication links beyond 1km, while adhering to all UK/EU transmission power and frequency regulations."

For more information please contact Cobham Antenna Systems:
T: +44 (0) 1638 732177

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