Controlling the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Whether in theatre or at a test range, an increasing number of electronic devices are used to control the spectrum and ensure readiness on the battlefield. These devices create a multitude of RF spectrum emissions on the ground, air or sea. It is crucial to monitor and manipulate these RF emissions using spectrum monitoring and security jamming. The data thus received is used for collecting intelligence, mission planning, interface hunting, in-field analysis, building signal libraries and more. Spectrum monitoring and security jamming applications need high gain, rugged antennas.

The SAS family of ARA antennas are intended for applications such as EMC testing, spectrum monitoring and security jamming. These antennas are available from PPM Systems as part of a wide range of products for military and defence applications.

Depending on the application, a number of different configurations and options are available. Some of the important features of these antennas include:

  •  extremely broadband to mission specialised antennas covering full spectrum operations

  •  multiple size and weight options to support a variety of platforms to handheld operations

  •  available as passive units or as active units to support collection and jamming applications

  •  varying voltage and power output levels to support varying mission requirements

  • single or multiple outputs to support ancillary devices and multichannel systems.


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