DEFENCELL 300 in a Critical Infrastructure Protection Role

Even in these days of heightened security our Critical Infrastructures, be that an Airport, Government Building, sports stadium, or prison, remain a vulnerable, high profile target for the would-be terrorist armed with a vehicle and a ton of explosives.

DefenCell Profile 300 and
DC Barriers

So how can we protect our critical infrastructures against these deadly Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) attacks?

The obvious answer is to prevent movement of vehicles in the immediate vicinity of the buildings. But maintaining the balance between legitimate uses of public places, freedom of movement and security means that simply pushing back the vehicle perimeter is not always practical when smooth operation of the facilities is so necessary.  The trick is to increase the defences of the buildings without turning them into fortresses.

Discrete, unobtrusive security is the desired effect, and J&S Franklin provide the ideal defence against the VBIED. DefenCell Profile 300 which provides impenetrable barrier to VBIED’s, whilst maintaining a pleasing aesthetic appearance.

DefenCell Profile 300 is a new generation of Critical Infrastructure protection products made from a strong flexible geotextile material of a cellular design.

The J&S Franklin DefenCell Profile 300 Protection System was developed from DefenCell which provides versatility in a variety of Military Engineering roles, from force protection in operational environments such as Afghanistan, to protecting critical infrastructure from VBIED’s in the UK, to emergency disaster relief such as the flooding in Kentucky, USA in 2012.

The DefenCell Profile 300 is a geotextile, cellular, containment system which, when filled with locally sourced or selected fill materials, can be used to create a wide variety of unobtrusive specific barrier shaped and sized structures and is a perfect solution for offering inconspicuous protection to public buildings, perimeter security and HVM protection and for use in environmentally and visually sensitive locations as it can be grassed or planted, enabling it to blend quickly into the surroundings whilst providing proven substation protection from terrorist attack or environmental threats.

J&S Franklin have worked with the designers, architects and contractors of Police Stations, prisons, anti-terrorist HQ, and airports to ensure the required level of protection is provided for each CI while still maintaining the aesthetic and environmental considerations of high profile or sensitive locations.

This technology is currently protecting several critical sites within the UK, but because it is discreet and unobtrusive most people probably will not have noticed.

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