DefenCell Gains PAS68 Vehicle Barrier Crash Test Accreditation

J&S Franklins DefenCell Profile 300 has recently successfully completed a number of vehicle crash tests to meet the PAS68 protection standards.

Profile 300, developed from DefenCell, the unique force protection system, has expanded upon the initial products strengths and versatility to emerge as a perfect solution to offering inconspicuous protection of public buildings, perimeter security, and HVM protection. It is made from strong geotextile materials, which when layered in construction can be used to build barriers, berms or bunds. Due to the structure of Profile300, and its ease of installation, it is ideally suited for use in environmentally, and visually sensitive locations, where it can be easily grassed or planted, and quickly blends into the surroundings, whilst still providing a proven, superior, substantial protection from terrorist attack and environmental threats.

PAS 68, (Publicly Available Specification), is a BSI classification for vehicle security barriers, and provides a comparative method of assessing the performance of any system designed to stop vehicles.

Jeremy Milton, of J&S Franklin said, "The successful completion of these tests have shown once again that the strength and durability of the cellular construction technique used in DefenCell can provide enhanced levels of protection while incorporating an aesthetically pleasing appearance in sensitive locations."

Editors Notes

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