Digital Signals Collaboration for ViaLite

In keeping with its reputation for innovation and leading edge technology, ViaLite has joined the Digital IF Interoperability Consortium (DIFI). Formed to advance interoperability in digital satellite and ground system networks, the independent international group is made up of companies, organizations and government agencies.

The satcom industry has traditionally used IF (Intermediate Frequency) and L-band as an analog standard for uplink and downlink traffic, and for some applications this will continue to be the most common format for some time to come. However, DIFI represents an excellent opportunity for the industry to create a common and interoperable digital IF standard, promoting a high quality and competitive multi-vendor environment.

DIFI also delivers an essential building block for the virtualized gateway, to bring a digitized connection right to the antenna. As has been proven in common communications standards like 3GPP for cellular, a widely accepted DIFI standard can create an eco-system of vendors and reduces proprietary or lock-in solutions.

“We are excited to participate in the DIFI consortium, and will use the standard to direct our implementation of RF over IP solutions alongside our RF over Fiber (analog) products,” said Richard Jacklin, ViaLite Director of Sales.

ViaLite has been developing and producing products using digital format signals across fiber for many years in addition to its market leading RF over fiber ranges.

Stuart Daughtridge, Chairman of DIFI and SVP for Advanced Technologies at Kratos commented: “We are pleased to have another leading edge technology company like ViaLite join the DIFI organization. Their contribute will further the maturity and adoption of our interoperable Digital IF standard that will enable the digital transformation of our industry.”

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