GPS over Fiber Improves Timing Performance for US Defense Contractor

GPS timing and synchronization systems have been supplied to a major US defense contractor by ViaLite Communications. The RF over fiber equipment replaces older systems from inoperative manufacturer Fiber-Span.

The new multi-zone distributed GPS system enabled the customer to upgrade its existing fiber optic system from a point-to-point to a point-to-multi-point system that allows RF to be transmitted over longer distances with less loss and greater reliability.

In addition, ViaLite was able to replace some coaxial system components, adding capabilities that the customer had thought were only available with traditional coaxial copper technology.

“We were chosen for this order because of our technology leadership, service and support, including our five year warranty,” said ViaLite director of sales Craig Somach.

Equipment supplied included ViaLiteHD 1U chassis rack mount units with integrated 1:4 and 1:8 RF splitters, GPS TX and RX FOL cards, and 1:4 optical splitters.

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