The Greatest Gift is the One that Lasts a Lifetime!

Looking for the ideal Christmas gift that your loved ones will adore without spending a fortune? Peli™ Products, the leader of protective cases and lighting solutions, presents some Christmas gifts ideas for less than 60€. These gifts will protect what your family and friends value the most and will light up their Christmas even more!

The ultimate Personal Utility Cases

Make sure your loved ones travel or go outdoors with total peace-of-mind with their small personal devices thanks to Peli Ruck™ cases, R20 model. Whether going to the beach, mountain, hiking, sailing or while practicing sports, these new compact, watertight and crushproof cases will protect their small electronics, phones, wallets, keys and tools from drops, rain or otherwise bad weather since they are IP68-rated watertight.


The smartest Memory Card Cases

Surprise the electronics or photography lovers with these slim, secure memory card cases with insert liner to absort shocks. There’s a Peli memory card case for all kind of cards; the 0915 can store 12 SD cards, 6 mini SD cards and 6 micro SD cards, the 0945 can store up to 6 compact flash cards.


The indestructible Peli 1150 case

Looking for a must-have gift that will be loved by anyone, whether he or she is an adventurer, a traveller, a GoPro lover, a DIY-er or a master in electronics? Don’t look any further. The Peli 1150 case is watertight, crusproof and virtually indestructible! It’s the perfect gift for all those who are looking to protect DSLR cameras or any other small sized fragile device.


The stylish and powerful 1975Z0 Penlight

Light up someone’s Christmas with the perfect everyday carry light. The 1975Z0 Penlight is compact and easy to carry around in a bag, purse or pocket. The penlight comes with a clip on the end, so that it can be clipped on clothing and forget about until needed. With an IPX4 waterproof rating, there's also no need to worry about water damage. Additionally, the PELI 1975Z0 runs on AAA batteries, which are easy to come by, lightweight and inexpensive.


The multi-functional 2760 Headlamp

It's the one headlamp that does it all. Tough, lightweight, super bright and loaded with multiple lighting features that include high, medium, low, strobe, downcast, and night vision red LED modes. Whether its used for a backpacking or camping trip, walking the dog in the evening or just for doing some maintenance at home, all these options make it an essential tool and will surely make it the favorite gadget of the person lucky enough to receive it.

And the greatest gift of all is the above Peli Products are Guaranteed for Life (where applicable by law). Have a great Christmas with Peli!

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