Identifying radiological sources in one wag of a tail

  • Date: 18th January 2024
  • Company: Kromek

Risks to nuclear security are of ever-present concern globally, but are especially significant with the ongoing geopolitical unrest in Ukraine. With Ukraine’s prolific nuclear industry and fighting in such close proximity to reactors, such an early warning capability is imperative to safeguard its people and infrastructure; avoiding a repeat of catastrophic events and its severe short and long-term consequences.

Facilitating the implementation of early warning capability in high-risk environments is Kromek’s versatile portfolio of high-performance radiation detectors.

Kromek’s radiation detectors have been mounted on drones, UAVs, vehicles, and now, dogs.

Eight dogs equipped with D3S ID radiation detectors, the size of mobile phones, have just been deployed in Ukraine.
This innovative solution significantly enhances the early warning capabilities of those protecting and monitoring the field, delivering real-time isotopic ID along with gamma and neutron alerts to users, enabling troops to take the appropriate responses rapidly to the radiological threat at hand. Widespread situational awareness is supported by spectral data made available from large focal areas, four times faster than the RIID standard.

Handlers and their canine companions are kept as safe as possible, with the high sensitivity of the D3S ID ensuring even the lowest levels of radiation don’t go undetected. The dogs on patrol can immediately be moved from danger when the distanced handler receives a real-time alert from the detector on their paired mobile phone.

Dogs wearing Kromek’s D3S ID have also been implemented successfully to enhance radiological threat monitoring as part of airport security, and helped secure President Zelenskyy at an awards ceremony in Germany in May 2023.
Constantly scanning and simply to use, the D3S ID rapidly supplies soldiers with reliable spectral data from a safe distance. Remote decision-makers are also equipped with high quality spectral data to make crucial decisions, due to the rapid reachback potential of the device, and it’s ability to seamlessly integrate into existing alert networks alongside other specialized detectors.

Kromek’s continuous innovation in the field of CBRN detection continues to enhance nuclear security worldwide, supplying versatile solutions and actionable intelligence to military personnel on the ground and situated remotely, helping keep themselves, their team, infrastructure and the public as safe as possible.


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