Istec Looks to the Future and Shows Upgrades to its Successful Lightweight Protected Weapon Station Series

ISTEC’s family of lightweight PWSs have received a makeover for DVD, with the company showing off a number of product improvements for the PWS family.

Lightweight Protected Weapon Stations

ISTEC have relied upon feedback from its PWS users as well as prime vehicle manufacturers to produce a range of ‘add-ons’ designed to improve the operational capability of the PWSs without the need to alter or modify the systems currently in service.  The upgrades are now offered as options with all new PWSs.  The upgrades consist of Power Traverse, a Smoke Discharger System and a Remote Viewing Optic.  The upgrades can be seen fitted to ISTECs PWS(SW) on their stand at DVD

Ring Power Traverse Systems

The power traverse system retro-fits with all ISTEC PWS s and Lightweight Ring Mounts mounted on the ‘950’ size slewing ring.  The system comprises a Control Unit, Motor/Gearbox/Clutch-Brake Assembly, Joystick Controller, power traverse ring gear and mounting brackets.  The joystick is placed conveniently close to the manual gearbox drive handle. Movement of the joystick traverses the PWM with variable speed control.  Depression of the joystick on/off button operates the electric clutch/brake enabling simple transfer to manual traverse operation.

Control unit and Motor/Gearbox/Clutch-Brake Assembly mounting and enclosures vary depend upon vehicle type.  The system is powered by the vehicle, weights no more than 23kg and offers a simple power traverse solution for future and legacy ISTEC equipment.

Smoke Discharger Systems

ISTEC’s retro-fit smoke discharger system is modular and fires 66 mm smoke grenades.  Grenade launchers are of single, double or four pot configuration, each wired to a universal controller.
The controller can be hard or magnetic mounted.  Manufactured from black hard anodised Aluminium, the launchers are robust and designed for harsh environments.  The barrels are removable without tools to permit fast cleaning and maintenance. The system is powered by an independent 12 or 24v power pack above the ring.  A 4 button controller is used to fire the grenades in the customer’s required configuration.  The controller has independent safety/arming button and BIT.  System weight depends upon platform configuration.

Remote Viewing Optic (RVO) Systems

The Remote Viewing Optic (RVO) is a system designed to allow for remote viewing of in-serve sighting and surveillance systems. RVO can be attached to the rear of most day and night optical sights and allows the user the view through the sight normally via the existing eyepiece whilst also providing an electronic picture viewable on a remote display. The remote display can also be connected directly to most Thermal Imaging sights via the sights digital output signal port.

The camera attachment comprises a beam splitter prism and high resolution camera which provides an image that can be viewed on a remote monitor for use as a relaxed viewer. Operationally, the RVO allows the operator to view through the sighting or surveillance system for longer without eyestrain; adopt an undercover or behind armour position when necessary; relay sighting or surveillance images directly to a vehicle commander or command post; record for after action reviews (with optional data recorder fitted).

Data from an LRF and GPS etc can also be fed to the monitor creating a simple Fire Control System.  Additional monitors can also be linked in if necessary.

The RVO system has its own self contained power pack located within each monitor which is continually charged by the vehicle. This allows the complete RVO system to be quickly removed from the vehicle and used with ground based systems. The self contained rechargeable power pack gives up to 8 hrs continuous use when used remotely from the vehicle. The system will operate and charge from any 17v to 31v DC supply and is provided with an optional mains to 24v DC adaptor Interfaces are currently available for the following in service sighting and surveillance equipment: SUSAT, SpectreDR, Trijicom , Qioptiq’s Kite and Maxikite family, Qioptiq’s VIPIR family, DRS’s Thermal Weapon Sight family and Nikon’s 20 x 120 Surveillance Binoculars. Other Interfaces are available on request. RVO can also be provided with a recording system or connected to a wireless system to allow the sight image to be transmitted to a receiver for remote monitoring or recording.

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