IVECO Defence Vehicle Stand

The Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) 2015 exhibition, which runs from 15-18 September, will again provide Iveco Defence Vehicles with the pportunity to showcase the most significant developments within its extensive product range and highlight its latest commercial successes.

On show at the Iveco Defence Vehicles stand will be the highly successful, new generation light multirole vehicle (LMV), the VBTP amphibious armoured vehicle and the new Trakker 8x8 EuroVI.

The Land Vehicle Zone will also feature a selection of Iveco Defence Vehicles’ products including a Route Clearance variant of the Medium Protected Vehicle (MPV) and a 6x6 truck from the High Mobility range.

Each of these vehicles has been developed to meet individual requirements identified by customers and demonstrates Iveco’s ability to adapt and exploit state-of-the-art engineering techniques and technologies to develop new vehicle capabilities.


VBTP 6x6 – Amphibious Armoured Vehicle

Fitted with an Iveco 9-litre, 281 kW (383 hp) bi-fuel common-rail engine, coupled to an automatic gearbox, the VBTP is a 18 tonne, 6x6 armoured amphibious vehicle which can carry 11 personnel. The VBTP is 7.0 metres long, 2.7 metres wide and 2.3 metres high and can be transported by C-130 Hercules and KC-390 aircrafts. It can be equipped with manned and unmanned turrets carrying armament from 5.56 mm to 30 mm calibre.

These new armoured vehicles have been developed jointly by Iveco and the Brazilian Army (DCT - Department of Science and Technology) following a frame contract signed in December 2009 for a total of 2,044 VBTP-MR vehicles. The frame contract value exceeds €2 billion and deliveries, which commenced in 2013, will be spread over a period to 2030.

The vehicles are being produced in a purpose-built facility in Sete Lagoas (Brazil). The Brazilian Army nomenclature for the VBTP vehicle is “Guarani”. The adoption of a modular approach to the vehicle’s construction provides several advantages. These include the development of product variants without the need for unnecessary re-engineering (reducing timescales and costs) and an optimised combination of power, protection, payload, operational flexibility and support through improved maintainability and upgrade ease. The Guarani may be configured to fulfil roles including personnel transportation, reconnaissance, recovery and ambulance work – extending the Army’s operational capability in scenarios which are particularly suited to this type of vehicle.

The use of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) main assemblies ensures outstanding levels of reliability and consequently excellent fleet availability, ease of maintenance and low whole-life costs.

VBTP sales successes: Following the contract signed in 2009 with the Brazilian Army for 2044
VBTP 6x6 vehicles, Iveco signed an agreement, in December 2014, to supply Lebanon with 10
VBTP 6x6 vehicles, as a part of a bigger contract for 80 military and police vehicles. This marks the first export contract for VBTP.

LMV - Light Multirole Vehicle 4x4

Since it was launched, the Light Multirole Vehicle (LMV) has been the subject of continuous development and innovation to meet the ever-changing operational requirements of its users. The company therefore implemented a programme of product development, which focused on delivering incremental improvements, usually based on lessons learned in the field, whilst maintaining the integrity of the basic design.

Visitors to DSEI 2015 will be able to view the latest incarnation of the LMV which features a new 220 hp engine, an upgraded driveline for a higher performance and a new air filtration system. The LMV incorporates numerous enhancements including an increased payload (up by 40% or 1.5 tonnes on previous models, dependant on the vehicle configuration) and better performance and reliability.

A new automatic 8-speed gearbox smooths the transition between gears when off-road, which operated in conjunction with the automatic drive management system ensures that the vehicle performs optimally at all times and on all terrain. This translates into a greatly simplified driving experience, enabling the driver to focus on planning the route ahead and consequently boosting both mission performance and safety.

Further mobility enhancements are achieved through specially designed suspension units and newly developed all-terrain tyres. These upgrades are also available as a retrofit package for the entire LMV legacy fleet.

The maintenance load has been reduced by improving the type and location of the individual sub-systems and by tailoring the service regime. The digitised electronic system allows the introduction of on-demand prognostic-based maintenance instead of scheduled preventive maintenance.

The internal layout of the crew cell has also been extensively redesigned to improve crew ergonomics, and incorporates new seats, a next-generation dashboard and an upgraded hardtop.

The new crew cell design has been driven by the need to accommodate a fully equipped soldier with body armour as well as personal equipment. Certain internal roll-bars have been removed, enhancing the legroom available, while the internal cab height is 100 mm greater than on the previous generation, which allows for increased internal space and habitability. IED protection is improved by the addition of a third hinge to the doors and by the use of new and innovative materials.

Sub-system integration has been greatly eased by the adoption of new electronic architecture, an improved power supply, and by the increase in the usable internal space. The result is a much simpler integration for mission systems such as remote controlled weapon stations, BMS, intercom, and ECM.

The new “dual-role” hardtop, constructed from a ballistic-steel monocoque framework with lightweight aluminium/steel roll-bar, allows the vehicle to be equipped with either a manned turret or with a remote weapon station, both of which can be readily fitted and removed in the field, ensuring greater flexibility of deployment.

LMV sales successes: With total sales of more than 4,000 units to 13 different countries, the LMV is to date Europe’s vehicle of choice in its category. Customers include Italy (2,000), United Kingdom (401 units), Spain (270 units), Norway (170 units), Belgium (440 units), Croatia (10 units), Austria (150 units) Czech Republic (170 units), Slovak Republic (50 units), Russia (368 units), Albania (4 units), Lebanon (26 units) and Tunisia (2 units).

New Trakker 8x8 Euro VI compatible with military single fuel operations

The Iveco Trakker range has an excellent reputation for both its on-road and heavy duty applications and has proved particularly suitable for military applications. The vehicle is compatible with military single fuel operations, available in a large number of variants and can be fitted with an armoured cab. The Trakker range is particularly flexible in respect of its drive configurations (including 4x4, 6x6, 8x6, 8x8 and 10x8), engine ratings, cabs (day/sleeper/protected), transmissions and wheel bases. Its inherent durability and ease of use have proved particularly attractive to military users. The Trakker is currently utilised by five leading NATO countries, with the protected variant being in service with the British, German and Swiss Armies.

The military Trakker 8x8 on display features an innovative new generation lightweight armoured cab and benefits from Euro VI technology. This protected Trakker 8x8 is equipped with an Iveco Cursor engine with “HI-SCR” emissions management technology. The optimised combustion and post-combustion systems contribute to Iveco’s class-leading fuel economy, while reducing the vehicle’s environmental impact. This is due to a patented breakthrough in control technology which allows for a 95% NOx conversion efficiency compared to the 80-85% of the company’s leading competitors.

The optimised combustion regime results in a low level of engine-out particulate emissions – eliminating the need for forced regeneration of the DPF - a key factor in fuel use and periodic servicing. Since the engine only breathes clean filtered air, rather than recirculated exhaust gases, engine wear is greatly reduced, with consequently high intervals between oil changes. Service intervals are as high as 150,000 km. This brings advantages in terms of operating costs and reduced downtime for scheduled maintenance.

One of the most noteworthy features of the vehicle is that the engine can operate without AdBlue® (UREA) and complies with modern military single fuel policies based e.g. on NATO-F-63 or Jet-fuel.

In addition to these recognised Euro VI advantages, the demonstrator also displays more of the latest enhancements to the off-road Trakker range. It is built to meet the highest operational expectations of the military customer, matching robustness with enhanced driver comfort.

Driving comfort is enhanced by increased all-round visibility and the relocation of key controls. The decompression engine brake, hydraulic retarder, radio and cruise control are all positioned conveniently around the steering console for easy operation. The controls are both clearly visible and easy to reach in order to enhance the driving position. The new arrangement mirrors the ergonomic layout found in modern commercial trucks. The use of COTS components maximises safety and usability for the fleet while reducing procurement costs and gives the Trakker its best-in-class lifecycle costs.

The ‘battle-proven’ FSA cabin concept offers protection against ballistics, mines and IED threats according to STANAG regulations and is also suitable for RCWS installation. Optional NBC protection and C4I installation including jammer systems are also available.

New options for the military-off-the-shelf (MOTS) chassis include IVECO’s Driver Attention Support (DAS), the hill-holder function, high-power on- board generator and Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS). Together these will minimise fuel consumption, reduce driver stress (especially in high threat or night-time-situations) and ensure that the specific transport mission is always performed with optimal efficiency.

Another optional feature is the newly developed ‘Battle-Seat’ with adjustable backrest and integrated 5-point-safety-belt which allows the driver to wear typical protection/cooling vests allowing free movement while also offering protection and comfort.

New Trakker’s efficient climate control system and soundproofing offers the driver a comfortable and safe driving experience, even in adverse conditions. With the new 16-speed EuroTronic 2, a fully automatic gearbox system with optional Intarder and also supported by the innovative ADM-2 (Automatic Drivetrain Management), the driver can concentrate fully on the road and the load.

New Trakker reduces maintenance costs and downtime, combining extended engine oil change intervals (once per year) with rapid and accurate on-board diagnostics. Periodic maintenance of the Trakker is assisted by the EasyMux electrical architecture which optimises communication between major components and vehicle systems, resulting in rapid and accurate fault diagnosis. This ensures that the vehicle has an outstanding rate of availability.

Trakker sales success: With sales worldwide, from Latin America to the Far East, Trakker is one of Iveco’s best sellers. Major European contracts, some of which are currently in the process of delivery, include:
Germany: supply of 250 protected and unprotected customised heavy trucks including 4x2, 6x2, 6x4, 6x6 and 8x8 versions from Trakker and Stralis heavy truck range in different variants (e.g. GTF8x8, TEP-90, STW-8x8, Tipper- 8x8-FSA, Tractor-6x6-FSA and FTW-6x4), which are already in operation with the German Army. Latest contract awards include 114 heavy ISO-container-transport-trucks with air suspension, based on new Trakker 6x6 in Euro VI versions for military Medial Emergency Hospitals (MSE System) with deliveries staring in Q4/2015 – 2016.

Switzerland: supply of 1,200 Iveco heavy trucks including 4x2, 4x4, 6x2, 6x6, 8x6 and 8x8 and 10x8 versions from the Stralis and Trakker heavy truck ranges. Over the last 3 years, more than 1,000 units have been fielded successfully in operation.

United Kingdom: 206 6x6 and 8x8 Trakkers to support the Royal Engineers on operations.


The Land Vehicle Zone demonstrates the latest capabilities from the major vehicle manufacturers in the defence industry.

High Mobility 6x6

The High Mobility Truck 6x6 on display offers exceptional mobility and fording capability to provide tactical support to any military operation in the most hostile environmental conditions. The whole range can be equipped with a new generation of appliqué armour kits providing both anti-mine and ballistic protection.

High Mobility range latest sales success: In May 2015 Iveco Defence Vehicles signed an agreement with the Spanish Army for the supply of over 700 units, including 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 vehicles, which will be supplied in different configurations including various types of demountable hook-lift body work, cranes for the recovery of military vehicles, fuel tankers and load handling systems.

MPV - Medium Protected Vehicle 4X4

The development of the MPV dates from a co-operation agreement signed in 2008 between Iveco Defence Vehicles and Krauss Maffei Wegmann (KMW) of Germany for the development of a new range of military vehicles in the 18 to 25 tonne class. Since then, the MPV has evolved significantly with 4x4 ambulances, route clearance and troop carrier vehicles currently in production.

The MPV range is based on the Trakker MOTS truck chassis with a protected crew cell and is already in service with a number of European defence forces, including the UK, German and Swiss armies. The cell incorporates the driver’s cab and the mission compartment and offers more than 13m³ of internal space in the standard 4x4 version, increasing to 16m³ for the ambulance/Intensive treatment unit variant. The maximum combat weight of up to 18 tonnes and a chassis which is capable of mastering the toughest of terrains, gives the MPV 4x4 excellent tactical mobility on all missions.

The inherent flexibility of the platform-design allows it to be adapted to a wide variety of roles and configurations while maintaining the same level of protection as the standard variant.

With a contract value of €120M, the Route Clearance Project is of particular interest, representing a unique and innovative solution to the challenges of route clearance. The Route Clearance Convoy comprises five vehicles, each fulfilling a complimentary function and includes surveillance units with mast mounted sensors and a unit with a manipulator arm designed to disarm and remove IEDs. The last variant, named the RCP3 is on display at the Land Vehicle Zone. Each vehicle within the convoy is named for its specific role: Decoy (RCP1), Detection (RCP 2), Confirmation (RCP3), and Observation (RCP4 and RCP5). Oto Melara, Selex and MBDA are also participating in the project, with Iveco acting as system integrator.

MPV sales successes: The Italian Army has already ordered 16 Ambulances and 40 Route Clearance versions of the MPV (designated VTMM by the Italian Army), which are currently being delivered. Moreover, the contract signed by Iveco Defence Vehicles with Lebanon includes 5 MPV in troop carrier configuration.


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