Iveco Defence Vehicles at Eurosatory

Eurosatory 2016 (13 – 17 June) provided Iveco Defence Vehicles with the opportunity to acquaint both existing customers and other visitors with the most recent developments in our product range and highlight our latest commercial successes.

SUPERAV for ACV 1.1 Project

On display at Eurosatory is the platform developed in cooperation with BAE Systems for the ACV 1.1 program, downselected by the USMC for the EMD phase in November 2015.
In the framework of the contract for the Engineering, Manufacturing, and Development (EMD) phase of the Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV) 1.1 program recently awarded from the U.S. Marine Corps to the company, BAE Systems, along with teammate Iveco Defence Vehicles, will deliver a solution that will be built from the ground up to be an amphibious vehicle and will provide significant capability improvements to satisfy the Marine Corps’ current and future needs.

The award is one of two EMD contracts issued. During this phase, BAE Systems will deliver 16 prototypes that will be tested by the Marine Corps beginning in the third quarter of 2016. BAE Systems’ ACV 1.1 solution is an advanced 8x8 open ocean-capable vehicle based on a platform developed by Iveco Defence Vehicles equipped with a new 6-cylinder, 700 horsepower power pack, which provides a significant performance increase with respect to the current Assault Amphibious Vehicle. The vehicle performs best in class mobility in all terrains, has a suspended interior seat structure for 13 embarked Marines, blast mitigating positions for a crew of three, improved survivability and force protection over currently fielded systems. The team has conducted extensive risk mitigation testing and evaluation for swim, land mobility and survivability capabilities that have proven the solution’s capabilities.

BAE Systems has more than 70 years of experience designing and building amphibious vehicles and is a leading provider of combat vehicles, having produced over 100,000 systems for customers worldwide.
Iveco Defence Vehicles brings additional proven experience, having designed and built more than 30,000 multi-purpose, protected, and armoured military vehicles in service today.

LMV 2 - Light Multirole Vehicle

Since its launch, the Light Multirole Vehicle (LMV) has been subject to continuous development, most typically deriving from lessons learned in the field, in order to meet the specific operational requirements of its users. The LMV 2 provides better performance, greater reliability, and increased crew comfort. One of the most important benefits is the growth of payload of some 40% to approximately 1.5 tonnes, depending on the vehicle configuration.

The new version, implemented with a new 220 horsepower engine, presents an upgraded driveline capable of managing more power, and a new air filtration system. In order to provide maximum mobility, a new automatic gearbox, upgraded with two additional speeds (eight in total), makes the transition between gears smoother when driving off-road. When operated in conjunction with the automatic drive management system (ADM), this ensures that the vehicle performance is optimized to meet the challenges of the most demanding of terrain scenarios. A new electronic stability control (ESP) system, able to work in off road conditions, enhances driving safety as well as driver comfort and agility. Further mobility enhancements are achieved through a specially designed suspension system, combined with tyres to better match different terrains.

The new crew cell design has been developed particularly by the need to accommodate five fully-equipped soldiers, including body armour and personal equipment. Most internal roll-bars have been redesigned, enhancing the available legroom, while the internal cab height is 100mm greater than on the standard LMV, thus enhancing internal space and habitability. The internal layout of the new crew cell improves crew ergonomics, as well as incorporating a next-generation digitised dashboard and an upgraded hardtop. IED protection is further enhanced by the addition of a third hinge added to each door and the use of new materials.

LMV2 is designed to accommodate extensive GFE, including radios, BMS, intercom and Electronic Counter Measures (ECM). The vehicle is extremely well adaptable to being deployed as a mobile radio platform, by the nature of its outstanding Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) profile and can fulfill the most demanding DEF-STAN and MIL-STD requirements.

Sub-system integration has also been greatly eased by the adoption of a new vehicle digitised electronic architecture and an improved power supply. This allows for mission systems such as remote controlled weapon stations, BMS, intercom, and ECM to be seamlessly integrated onto the platform without complication.

The new hardtop “dual-role”, made of a ballistic steel monocoque framework with lightweight aluminum/steel roll-bar, allows the vehicle to be equipped either with a manual weapon turret or alternatively, with a Remote Weapon Station (RWS), both of which can be readily fitted and removed in the field, ensuring greater flexibility of deployment.

Last but not least, the maintenance load has been reduced by improving the type and location of some of the subsystems and by tailoring the service regime. As an example, the digitised dashboard provides on demand maintenance based data on prognostics, allowing the user to accurately review and schedule maintenance tasks, instead of predicting and scheduling preventive maintenance.

LMV sales successes
With total sales of more than 4,000 units to 13 different countries, the LMV is Europe’s vehicle of choice to date in its category. Customers include Italy (2,000), United Kingdom (401 units), Spain (270 units), Norway (170 units), Belgium (440 units), Croatia (10 units), Austria (150 units) Czech Republic (170 units), Slovakia (50 units), Russia (368 units), Albania (4 units), Lebanon (26 units) and Tunisia (2 units).

M70.20 WM – Light Range 4x4

Iveco Defence Vehicles has gained extensive experience in the development of military vehicles to meet the demands of operations world-wide. This depth and breadth of experience has enabled Iveco Defence Vehicles to develop the ability to observe and predict current and future trends in operational requirements and to respond to a whole range of operational imperatives. In recent years, the company has identified the need for light vehicles specifically designed to undertake a variety of roles including in-land operations & training, U.N. and NATO humanitarian aid, homeland security as well as to satisfy the military requirements of non-NATO forces. In response to these needs, the company has developed a new generation of unprotected and light protected vehicles.
The new Iveco Defence Vehicles’ M70.20 WM, on display at Eurosatory in crew cab and van version, is a purpose built military vehicle, which also benefits from the use of many commercial components.
Rugged and highly mobile, it has been developed to meet the demanding requirements of military users and to be used in urban contexts for public order and internal security operations.
The vehicle is the result of Iveco Defence Vehicles’ in-depth experience in the specific sector of light vehicles. Its predecessor, the M40E15-WM has had extraordinary commercial success, with more than 18,000 units sold worldwide over the last 30 years.
With a GVW up to 7.0 tonnes, the vehicle is designed to carry 8+2 men complete with their personal equipment or a payload of up to 3.5 tonnes. The growing demand for highly deployable forces has been taken into full account by the M70.20 WM design team. The vehicle has a low, compact silhouette which allows its transportation in C-130.This also allows the vehicle to be easily employed in an urban scenario.

70.20 can be equipped with a choice of FPT Industrial engines with leading Euro 6 technology, offering a power rating of 175 HP, and well proven Euro 3 technology, generating 146 HP, 175 HP or 197 HP. Going against the current trend for ever more complex vehicles, the M70.20 WM driveline and engineering is simple and robust, enhancing ease of support and ensuring great flexibility in deployment. Available both with left and right hand drive, the vehicle comes with a standard six-speed automatic gearbox, a manual gearbox is also available as an alternative.

The 70.20 is an extremely mobile and agile vehicle which is capable of operating across a wide range of demanding terrains. It is also well adapted to operations in demanding climatic environments, with temperature extremes of -32°C to +49°C including high humidity.
Features which particularly contribute to the vehicle’s exceptional mobility include permanent four wheel drive, front independent suspension, high level of gradeability on longitudinal (60%) and transverse (30%) slopes according to NATO standards as well as the capability of fording depths of 0.750 m.

Light vehicles are required to undertake a multiplicity of operations which need very different levels of capacity. To this end, the 70.20 is available in multiple wheelbases and it is designed to embrace different configurations according to its specific mission: cargo platform, ambulance, soft-top, van, pick-up or a personnel carrier. The benefits of this modularity are further enhanced by the capability to add a light protection if required. By maximising commonality of components and assemblies, the logistic footprint is reduced whilst, by introducing a modular load carrying system, flexibility is improved and the utility of the fleet is greatly enhanced. Iveco Defence Vehicles has addressed both of these requirements with flair and innovation.

High Mobility Range

Iveco Defence Vehicles’ High Mobility range of trucks is designed to have the protection and mobility to meet demanding specialist military logistic applications. With an unprepared fording capability of 850mm, Iveco’s High Mobility Range, in addition to offering exceptional mobility, provides tactical support to military operations in the most hostile environmental conditions, from -32C to +49C. This product range can be readily customised to match specific user needs by virtue of its modular design, which embraces both the cab and the driveline.

Porteur polyvalent logistique (PPLOG): The High Mobility 8x8 procured by the French Army (M320.45 WM)

The vehicle on display is part of the Porteur Polyvalent Terrestre (PPT) Programme launched in 2010 to provide the French land forces with a fleet of modern logistic vehicles and awarded to Iveco Defence Vehicles and its partner, the French company Soframe - a subsidiary of the Alsatian Lohr Group.

The PPT range includes two variants: a logistic vehicle (Porteur polyvalent logistique - PPLOG) – and a recovery vehicle (Porteur polyvalent lourd de dépannage - PPLD). Both vehicles share the same chassis with 4 axle 8 wheel drive (8x8), ensuring on and off road mobility in all climatic conditions (for example on snow covered mountain roads). The logistic vehicle features an independent hook-lift body for load-handling operations, with a payload up to 19 tonnes, whilst the recovery vehicle is supplied with a crane for recovering military vehicles.

The PPT cabs offer a high level of crew comfort and are designed to accommodate a variety of modern military communication and command systems. The 200 vehicles ordered in 2010 (150 PPLOG and 50 PPLD) feature a protected cab with ballistic and mine blast protection. The 250 PPT ordered in 2014 are configured as unprotected PPLOG - this last variant is on display at Eurosatory 2016. A further batch of 450 vehicles, configured as unprotected PPLOG, were ordered at the end of 2015.

High Mobility 8x8 Tractor
(M1250.70T WM)

In response to the rising demand for extremely high-power tractors, Iveco Defence Vehicles has developed a 680 HP tractor. Equipped with a FPT Industrial Cursor 16 engine and an upgraded gearbox, this vehicle completes Iveco Defence Vehicles’ range of High Mobility Trucks and represents a vehicle solution that, in addition to power, offers mobility, manoeuvrability and reliability. The 16-litre diesel engine, suitable for use in heavy load applications, has been implemented in this vehicle for the first time in the automotive industry.

Thanks to the new driveline, equipped with automated 12 speed transmissions and optional INTARDER, the High Mobility Tractor is able to operate in the most adverse conditions and in a wide range of terrains, including sand, maximising on and off road performance.

A specially designed cab will allow integration of appliqué opaque and transparent panels to provide ballistic and IED protection which can be mounted or dismounted whilst deployed on operations. This is complemented by a mine protection kit which, again, can be fitted in the field. Taken as a whole, this approach enables protection to be tailored to meet the predicted threat, whilst facilitating repairs and allowing technological upgrades to avoid obsolescence.

8x8 High Mobility Tractors have been in service by the Italian Army since several years, implemented with 560 HP engines: the new 680 HP version will be displayed for the first time at Eurosatory.
The latest sales success of Iveco’s High Mobility range is the contract signed with the Spanish Army on May 2015 for the supply of over 700 units - including 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 vehicles - which will be delivered in different configurations, equipped with various types of demountable hook-lift body work, cranes for the recovery of military vehicles, fuel tankers and load handling systems.

Trakker Range

The Iveco Trakker range is much sought after for civil on-road and heavy duty applications and has proved particularly suitable for adaptation to military missions. It is available in a large number of variants on 2, 3 4 or even 5 axles, and can be fitted with an armoured cab.

NEW Trakker 6x6 EURO 6 fully compatible with military single fuel operations, while still ready for full civil road approval. The new Trakker on display benefits from Euro 6 technology and offers many customer advantages, including reduced TCO. This Trakker is equipped with a FPT Industrial Cursor engine with “HI-eSCR” emissions management technology. This delivers optimised combustion and post-combustion systems to retain Iveco’s class leading vehicle fuel economy, combined with reduced environmental impact. This is due to a patented breakthrough in control technology which allows a very high NOx conversion efficiency of over 95% compared to the 80-85% of the company’s leading competitors.

The optimised combustion regime results in a level of engine-out particulate emissions which is already low, obviating the need for forced regeneration of the DPF: a key factor in fuel use and periodic servicing.
In addition, since the engine only takes in clean filtered air, rather than recirculated exhaust gases, engine wear is greatly reduced, with consequently high intervals between oil changes. Service intervals are as high as 150,000 km. This brings advantages in terms of operating costs and reduced down time for scheduled maintenance.

One of the most noteworthy features of the vehicle is that its engine can also operate fully without AdBlue® (UREA) and complies with modern military single fuel policies based e.g. on NATO-F-34/35 or F-63. In addition to these recognised Euro 6 advantages, the Trakker on display represents the latest evolution of the off-road Trakker range. It is built to meet the highest operational expectations of the military customer, matching the robustness with enhanced driver comfort and on road levels of interior noise and driver refinements.
Driver comfort is enhanced by the relocation of key controls: the decompression engine brake, hydraulic retarder, radio, and cruise control can all be operated without any need to touch the dashboard. All of the controls are both clearly visible and easy to reach in order to ensure that the vehicle always remains under control in complete safety and comfort. The new arrangement mirrors the type of ergonomic layout found in modern civil trucks. Individual trip-planning is supported by a new in-built Truck Navigation System which ensures that potential bodywork-collisions with low bridges are avoided. Once again the aim is to improve the ease and safety of operation of the fleet.
New options for MOTS chassis include Hillholder-function, DRL, EBS-2, IVTM, Onboard-Telematics, Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and a high-power-generator. Together these will minimise fuel consumption, reduce driver stress (especially in high threat or night-time situations) and ensure that the specific transport mission is always performed with optimal efficiency and safety.
New Trakker’s efficient climate control system and excellent soundproofing offers the driver a comfortable and safe driving experience, even in adverse conditions.

With the new 16-speed EuroTronic 2, a fully automatic gearbox system with optional Intarder, the next generation ADM-2 (automatic drivetrain and differential lock management), a fording depth of 1,20 m, 14.00 - Run-Flat-tires and best-in-class general driveability the driver can concentrate fully on the road and the load.

New Trakker reduces maintenance costs and downtime, coupling extended engine oil change intervals (once per year) with rapid and accurate onboard diagnostics. Periodic maintenance of new Trakker is assisted by the EasyMux electrical architecture which optimises communication between major components and vehicle systems, resulting in rapid and accurate fault diagnosis. This ensures that the vehicle has an outstanding rate of availability.

Further options include new 10 tonne front axles for load-sensitive bodywork-applications, such as. heavy cranes, and for more highly protected cabin variants. Also available are other new features such as the modular aluminium roof rack system providing additional storage volume for such items as camouflage-nets and a new seating configuration with 3-pt-belts allover approved for 100 kg.
This cutting edge truck provides the perfect platform for every kind of future military transport requirement.

The Trakker on display is part of a new Truck Generation (Frame Contract) awarded by the Swiss Armed Forces including 4x2, 4x4, 6x2, 6x6, 8x6 and 8x8 versions in different configurations.

TRAKKER sales successes

With sales worldwide, from Latin America to the Far East, Trakker is one of Iveco’s best sellers. This durable, highly reliable range of trucks has been procured in different configurations by defence forces across Europe, including Germany, Switzerland, the UK, Poland, Spain and Italy.
Recent sales achievements include major contracts with the German Army and Swiss Army.
At the end of 2015 Iveco Defence Vehicles was awarded a contract with the German Army (Bundeswehr) to supply 133 armoured Trakker-8x8 trucks to be delivered in 2016 – 2019.
Over the last decade, Iveco Defence Vehicles has delivered from its wide product range (4x2, 4x4, 6x2, 6x4, 6x6, 8x6, 8x8 and 10x8) nearly 1000 vehicles to the German Army and more than 1200 vehicles to Swiss Army.



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