J&S Franklin to Exhibit DefenCell Profile 300 at Counter Terror Expo

J&S Franklin will be exhibiting DefenCell Profile 300 Protection System at Counter Terror Expo 2013, which will be held on the 24th and 25th April 2013 at the Grand and West Halls, Olympia, London, England.

DefenCell Profile 300 Protection System

DefenCell Profile 300 Protection System is the latest development in the DefenCell range. It is a cellular, textile containment system that can be filled with various materials; soil, sand, gravel or small rocks, to build a wide variety of structures for perimeter security and HVM protection.

Profile 300 has been designed specifically for inconspicuous deployment at public buildings. It is ideally suited for airports and other critical infrastructure, particularly in environmentally and visually sensitive locations where it can be easily grassed or planted, and quickly blends into the surroundings whilst still providing a proven protection from terrorist attack and environmental threats.

DefenCell can be seen in operation on Stand No: B67

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