Kromek at Eurosatory 2024

  • Date: 12th June 2024
  • Company: Kromek

Senior executives from Kromek, the radiation and biological detection company based in Sedgefield, Co. Durham, will attend the international Eurosatory exhibition at Parc des Expositions,  Paris, France, from 17th-21st June 2024.

Kromek’s focus will be on its latest evolution of the D5 RIID, which can now be mounted onto any unattended UGV platform. This allows the operator to establish a crucial safe distance between themselves and a high-risk threat, source or environment. This reduces risk to human life, essential spectral and isotopic data can still be collected accurately, recorded and delivered in real time to the remote operator via a wired or wirelessly connected device. The data includes isotope ID, high accuracy dose measurements for gamma and neutron radiation, exact counts per second and all energies present across spectra.

The operationally-proven D5 RIID has been shown to be an exceptionally sensitive device, with a low false alarm rate which alerts users reliably and in real-time to the specific threat at hand. The device starts up in only 30 seconds and Its intuitive interface means that a new operator requires less than 10 minutes of training to be confident in using the detector.

When deployed on an unattended ground platform and connected to a communications module and power source, the  D5 RIID can supply data to the onsite operator across the entire range of radiological threats and energies covered during a specific mission, no matter how far the vehicle or robot travels. Even radioactive sources at a distance from the detector itself are identified 50 times better than the ANSI standard, with an area efficiency 62% higher compared with a conventional RIIID. With the option to receive power over ethernet, the D5 RIID can interface with any UGV robot system, providing the ultimate mission flexibility.

The operator can also maintain situational awareness because the D5 RIID can be integrated into existing alarm networks, navigation and CBRN prediction systems and sends ANSI N42.42 files directly from the field to remote decision-makers via rapid reachback.

Kromek’s Commercial Director, Craig Duff, says: “deploying the D5 RIID onto an unattended platform brings new capabilities to an already ground-breaking detector. Its high sensitivity, small form factor and ruggedised capability means it can withstand the harshest of environments. Utilising an uncrewed platform allows the operator to keep their distance from an immediate area of concern, but still be able to accurately assess a radiological threat.”

To arrange meetings at Eurosatory  with Commercial Director, Craig Duff; or Head of Sales Mari Tuomela, contact


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