Multi- million-pound contract to be manufactured in the heart of Anglesey.

FAUN Trackway Limited are delighted to have secured a multi-million-pound contract with the Swiss Armed Forces. All contract requirements will be manufactured in the heart of Anglesey at our Head Office in Llangefni with delivery to begin in April 2017, resulting in potential opportunities for expansion and jobs growth throughout the company.

Having successfully operated a fleet of our Heavy Ground Mobility Systems (HGMS) since 2008 a repeat order has been requested by the Swiss Armed Forces. This additional contract has come to fruition as a result of the Swiss Armed Forces demand for fleet expansion fulfilling wider requirements and offering further capabilities.
Christian Gnaegi, Project Manager Engineer Equipment from Armasuisse the Competence Center for Procurement within the Federal Department of Defence commented on the newly awarded contract;

“We would like to praise the high level of professionalism of the employees at FAUN Trackway. We can confirm that FAUN Trackway has fulfilled the technical requirements and all stipulations. We are looking forward to the future cooperation”.

FAUN Trackway’s Heavy Ground Mobility System (HGMS) is a temporary modular roadway which deploys, recovers, transports and stores up to 100m of MLC 70 (Military Load Classification) Trackway improving mobility for heavy and wheeled vehicles in all types of operations. 50 metres of Trackway is laid by two men in less than six minutes on the toughest terrain. The aluminium Trackway will withstand repeated loads of up to 150 tonnes dependent on the ground conditions. The original requirement in 2008 was a portable roadway system which deploys up to 100m of MLC 70 roadway. FAUN Trackway delivered units which consisted of; 100 metres of Trackway, the aluminium panels that make the roadway, a trackrack system for the launch and recovery of the roadway and a spoolrack to carry additional road lengths to replenish the launch system.

FAUN Trackway are the world’s leading provider of temporary aluminium roadways and runways. Our products are unsurpassed in functionality, quality and durability. Having delivered contracts to a number of NATO nations including; Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Greece, Netherlands, Norway and Turkey, this contract builds upon our already strong working partnership with Armasuisse.

FAUN Trackway are thrilled to be delivering additional equipment requirements to the Swiss Armed Forces and look forward to a continuous relationship. Our CEO Chris Kendall commented;

“This is an exciting time for FAUN Trackway and securing this contact exemplifies how the pride we take in designing and manufacturing unbeatable products and maintaining exceptional service results in repeat business”.

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