New Cavity Triplexers and Hybrid Diplexers

PPM Systems now offers Corry Micronics cavity triplexers and hybrid diplexers for applications in Communications, Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Electronic Warfare. These new products can be used as the building blocks of RF systems, including: Commercial and defence communication systems, Multi received transmit systems, Satellite communications.

The cavity triplexers are compact bi-directional devices consisting of three band pass filters e.g. L-Band, S-Band and C-Band (other custom bands are available). They achieve an excellent >90 dB port-to-port isolation with very low insertion loss, combining into one common antenna port bulkhead “N” connector. The triplexers are ideal for single antenna multiband applications up to 15 W peak power.

The new hybrid diplexers are three port devices featuring a common band for band pass and band stop filtering in different directions. They are ideal for test and verification applications measuring in band and out of band components.

Paul Cotterill, Business Development Manager, said: “I’m pleased PPM Systems is able to offer these new products from Corry Micronics; further expanding our range of signal conditioning and RF products. Our customers now have even more solutions for their critical RF applications.”

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