Sisu Auto selects Texelis to provide axles for GTP 4x4 test series

The SISU GTP 4x4 recently selected for assessment as the future armoured 4x4 for the Finnish Defence Forces is fitted with independent suspension axles manufactured by Texelis of Limoges in France.

The Finnish Army recently announced that the test series of the vehicle will be used to acquire information on the capability and operability of this vehicle with regard to the Defence Forces’ mobility requirements in the future both in Finland and on crisis management operations.  The GTP 4x4 has also won a Latvian Ministry of Defence procurement competition.

The T700 axles, designed in partnership with Timoney of Ireland, is a modular driveline for military and commercial vehicles with gross axle weight requirements of up to 7000kg.  The axle system utilises proven modular sub-assemblies including Texelis’s wheel hubs and differentials in conjunction with Timoney’s independent suspension technology.

“We selected the Texelis axle system as it is a proven solution suitable for the purpose. Also, the T700 from Texelis is an off-the-shelf product and as such favourable also from the Security of Supply point of view.” said Jyri Ahonen, Vice President Military Vehicles at Sisu Auto.

The SISU GTP has been designed with high levels of mobility for the harshest environments; to be modular to fulfil a range of tasks, including troop and logistic carriage, recce, and command and control; easily maintained; and protected up to Stanag 4569 both mine and ballistic protection with add on armour available as an option.

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