T700 axle system enters production at Texelis

The T700 axle system, jointly developed by Texelis of France and Timoney of Ireland, is entering production following an extensive testing programme.

The first customer to select the T700 is Yugoimport who have chosen the unit for the Milosh 4x4 launched at IDEX in February this year.  Yugoimport has placed a contract for 14 vehicle sets with delivery of the first production units during September this year.

The Milosh is designed as a troop carrier or liaison vehicle and has high mobility levels as well as good levels of protection.  Yugoimport has received an order for Milosh from the Serbian Ministry of the Interior for the counter terrorism team.

“The T700 combines the skills of Texelis using its modular approach with Timoney’s design skills,” commented Jean Vandel, Business Development Director at Texelis. “We launched the axle system at Eurosatory last year and to be able to announce our first production contract just over a year later is a real sign of the customer’s confidence in the team’s skills,” added Mr Vandel.

The T700 is designed to meet market demand for a robust, lightweight solution for military and heavy commercial 4x4s with a maximum width of 2.5 metres.  The configuration incorporates Texelis’s existing proven wheel-end and differential components with a new suspension design based on Timoney’s proven double wishbone concept to provide a fully integrated solution.

The axle system can be fitted on both monocoque and chassis system based vehicles.  It has been designed to work with all wheel steer systems, air and hydraulic brakes and is ready to be used with ABS braking and central tyre inflation equipment.

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