Texelis presenting at IAV 2020

Texelis is pleased to announced that Jean Vandel, Managing Director at Texelis Defence, is presenting on the new Nexter Serval® 4x4 expeditionary combat vehicle at the International Armoured Vehicles (IAV) 2020 conference in London on 21 January.

The presentation, ‘Serval®: 4X4 Without Compromise’, will provide an update on the programme to deliver the lightweight 4x4 Serval® to fulfil the  Véhicule Blindé Multi-Rôle-Léger (VBMR-L) portion of the French DGA’s SCORPION programme.

Being delivered in cooperation with and under the leadership of Nexter under contracts awarded in 2018, Serval® is a unique new entry to the armoured vehicle market. Designed to meet DGA requirements for a highly strategic and mobile protected vehicle, the Texelis mobility solution delivers exceptional off road mobility with air transportability, whilst simultaneously supporting high levels of protection and a high payload capacity, such as the ability to carry up to ten fully equipped soldiers.

The first test vehicles have already been delivered to the DGA and have successfully passed all test milestones to date. At IAV 2020, attendees will be updated on the vehicle trial programme, introduced to new vehicle capabilities and given insight into how Texelis and Nexter are helping their customers tackle the mobility challenges of the coming decade with an armoured vehicle solution engineered without compromise.

“Serval® is a uniquely innovative solution to the problem of reconciling Mobility, Protection and Payload, designed to meet the needs of the French armed forces for overmatch capability on today’s battlefield and for many decades into the future,” Vandel commented. “With months of supporting the DGA in its testing programme already complete, we know with certainty that the Texelis technology that underpins Serval® will deliver game-changing capabilities to the French forces and the wider 4x4 defence and security armoured vehicle market beyond.”

On the exhibition show floor Texelis will be exhibiting a range of its integrated mobility solutions beyond Serval, including drivelines, axles and reducers for wheeled armoured vehicles – all capable of satisfying exacting mobility and off-road capacity demands.

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