ViaLite Committed to Customers as Emcore Discontinues RF over Fiber

The news that Emcore will shut down their Broadband business and discontinue one of its optoelectronics product lines stands in sharp contrast with ViaLite Communications’ commitment to all its RF over fiber (RFoF) product lines. Fortunately for Emcore customers,ViaLite has numerous equivalent market-leading products covering many of the discontinued lines.

Dan Bromley, Technical Director at ViaLite, commented: “ViaLite is accelerating its development of new products and is continuing to develop fresh new product lines. The company is showing its long-term commitment to the sector, where other manufacturers are absent or bowing out.”

ViaLite’s five-year warranty on all products also represents its long-term commitment and dedication to quality.

Former Emcore customers will be interested in high frequency ViaLite products such as the Black OEM module covering a wide frequency range from 10 MHz to 6 GHz – the widest RF bandwidth for a product in this format – which has been designed for harsh environmental conditions.

Meanwhile, the equivalent Mil-Aero 6 GHz Link Pair is optimized for mil-aero applications such as Boresight and Air Force Base communications and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT). Suitable for P, L, S and C-Band combined applications, it offers standard and high gain options.

Another high frequency product is ViaLite’s C-Band RFoF link which covers 3.4 - 7.1 GHz, with a full operational range of 500 MHz - 7.5 GHz. The range includes the ITU-R radio regulations frequency for fixed satellite - earth to space (7.075 GHz).

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