ViaLite Communications - New Hyper-Wide Dynamic Range RF over Fiber Link Launched

High Throughput Satellites (HTS) are capable of transmitting data over a hundred times faster than conventional Fixed Satellite Service (FSS) satellites and this higher throughput needs more dynamic range within the ground segment.

Addressing this need, RF over fiber experts, ViaLite Communications have launched the new L-Band HTS – HWDR RF over fiber link.

Boasting a Hyper-Wide Dynamic Range (HWDR) of 114 dB/Hz 2/3, the link is ideal for the demanding applications associated with HTS and defense. The link is based on ViaLite's Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology and is suitable for 500, 800 and full 1500 MHz bandwidths. It covers transmission distances of 0-50 km and can also be used with a regular L-Band HTS Receiver.

High throughput satellites achieve their performance with high level frequency re-use and spot beam technology, allowing for multiple narrowly-focused spot beams - typically 100s of kilometers wide - utilizing a much greater bandwidth. In contrast, traditional satellite technology uses a broad single beam - usually 1000s of kilometers wide - covering large regions and sometimes whole continents, plus narrow 36 or 72 MHz transponders.

"We have had requests from Governmental organizations and industry-leading Satellite Operators for more dynamic range, so they can detect a wider range of signals and the Operators can improve their services," said Gary Wade, ViaLite Product Manager.

"The new link meets this extended dynamic range, keeping ViaLite at the forefront of dynamic range capabilities." The new link is available in OEM module or rack chassis card format.

ViaLite also recently launched the Horizons SNMP Controller (HRC-3), which can be used to fully monitor and control ViaLiteHD RF over fiber systems. Horizons, an upgrade of ViaLite's previous SNMP (HRC-1), allows for inter-facility control and can be multiplexed using CWDM, or used over extreme distances with DWDM. The new software and controller can also be used to extend existing Ethernet networks from point-to-point, such as from a control room to the antenna in a satellite earth station, and optionally from point-to-multipoint.

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