ViaLite feeds GPS to Time Servers for Romanian Defense

RF over fiber systems from ViaLite are being used to deliver GPS derived timing signals to secure IT networks in a Romanian government defense organization.

Working with a local distribution partner, ViaLite has supplied over a dozen GPS over fiber systems for connection to Microsemi's time servers. Installation proceeded smoothly, with a Microsemi engineer expressing surprise at the ease of connecting to their equipment, saying: “Is that it? It’s so simple to setup and it just works!”

GPS antenna signals are fed into ViaLite ODE-A4 outdoor enclosures at each secure location. The new ODE-A4 unit can house up to four ViaLiteHD Blue OEM modules. Optical cables then carry the signals to time servers in the defense establishment where they are then converted back to electrical GPS.

As well as being able to transmit the signals without loss over long distances, optical fiber has additional advantages in military applications as it can prevent attempts to eavesdrop or corrupt critical operational data. Fiber is also immune to electromagnetic pulse (EMP) strikes.

Reasons for selecting the ViaLite GPS system include its low power consumption, simple maintenance and easy installation.


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