ViaLite Releases New ODE-B3U Enclosure

ViaLite Communications has expanded its range of outdoor enclosures with the addition of the ODE-B3U. The new enclosure has been designed to house the ViaLiteHD 3U rack chassis and can hold up to 16 RF over fiber links in chassis card format.

It features a simple tilt mechanism which allows the full 3U 19” rack to be tilted forwards to make installation and maintenance easier. It is best installed on a wall, rooftop or at an antenna hub, where RF and other services are transmitted over optical fiber to a remote equipment room.

The enclosure’s robust, fully weatherproof design protects the chassis and electrical equipment from harsh environmental conditions when housed outdoors. It is a powder coated stainless steel, IP66 rated enclosure, which means the enclosure provides a high level of protection against dust and water ingress.

Technical Director Dan Bromley said: “The ViaLite product management and development teams combined to design the ODE-B3U enclosure, which is a modular, flexible and scalable solution to fulfil our customers’ broad spectrum of needs. It provides easy access for our full portfolio of modules and the ability to upgrade existing indoor chassis to outdoor applications. The ODE-B3U perfectly rounds off our fleet of outdoor enclosures.”

The ambient operating temperature varies depending on the number of modules in the enclosure. The minimum temperature is -20 °C, although if the heater option is ordered, this changes to -40 °C.

Other optional extras include a supplementary fan tray, a solar shield and wall mount, which can be ordered separately. The ODE-B3U enclosure comes with a 5-year warranty.

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