ViaLite Supports Raytheon with Mission Critical, Extended Length GPS over Fiber

A new project sees ViaLite supplying Raytheon Technologies, the world leading mil-aero corporation, with its cutting edge ‘GPS over Fiber Extension Kit’ for Microsemi GPS servers. The Kit provides mission critical GPS timing and synchronization for systems requiring extremely accurate clock signals.

Standard transmission distances for the extension kit can be up to 10 km, while solutions are available for distances as long as 50 km.

“The ViaLite kit was chosen for its unique performance with Microsemi’s S650 timing server, along with our best in class quality, reliability and support,” said Craig Somach, ViaLite Director of Sales North America.

The ViaLite GPS link is ideal for providing a remote GPS/GNSS signal or derived timing reference to equipment located where no signal is available, such as inside buildings or tunnels. By using optical fiber instead of traditional coax, extreme distances are possible with no RF loss and zero introduction of noise.

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