Weight saving with Phoenix’s Lightweight Cable Assembly

Weight saving with Phoenix’s Lightweight Cable Assembly

Phoenix Dynamics have developed our knowledge and understanding to meet needs of the Aerospace Market. Our engineers have developed our Light Weight Harnessing Systems to help reduce the weight of our cable assemblies. These assemblies perform the same as standard cable assemblies and meet our high-quality standards and AS9100 / ISO9001. The lightweight harness has proven successful in new Aerospace electronic systems and can be retrofitted to older systems with a weight saving ability of Up to 75% compared to traditional assemblies.

Fibre Optic Assemblies - Suitable for the Harshest of Environments

We have recognised the need for Fibre Optics to be designed and produced in such a way that ensures not only their optical performance, but their physical performance too. We have tooling and capability to handle most Expanded Beam and PC Connector Systems, and we are adding to our suite of tooling and testing continuously to keep up with ever changing demands and requirements. Producing Hybrid Fibre Optic / Copper assemblies and implementing Bespoke Overmouldings into our products is also something that we can apply to bring the most unique and challenging projects to life.

Supporting the Development of Navigation Systems

We have worked with many first-tier suppliers and OEMs to develop assemblies for Aerospace Navigation Systems. This has varied from RF Cables for communications and Radar, Sensor Assemblies for on board systems and Overmoulded Connectors. Phoenix Dynamics have a rich history of bespoke aerospace products which are currently installed in many active aerospace platforms including UAVs and Engines

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