WEW Demonstrates Modular Water and Fuel Systems at Eurosatory

Water and Fuel Solutions Shown in Mobile Field Camp

On stand B320 in the outside area WEW is demonstrating its capabilities in modular fuel and water logistic systems at Eurosatory being held near Paris from 11 to 15 June.

Military Fuel and Water Systems

On a joint stand with Serco GmbH and FHF GmbH, WEW is showing how the fuel and water systems form an integral part of a mobile field camp where MOTS and COTS solutions are to the fore, along the lines of the UK MOD’s Generic Base Architecture (GBA) /FOBEX concepts.

Camel II System

Taking pride of place is the all-new Camel II system. This unit has been developed with Choctaw Defense of the US and is designed to replace the M107, M149 and M1112 series 400-gallon water trailers, also known as Water Buffalo, which have been in service for many years. Camel II is the result of over three years’ conceptual and prototype development and an initial contract for more than 300 units was agreed between TACOM and Choctaw Defense of Oklahoma in July 2011.

Water Logistic Solution - Hippo

For larger water requirements WEW is showing a variant of the Hippo which is currently in service with US forces. This water logistic solution has been adapted to include water filtration/purification equipment. With a capacity of 7,700l the tank is deployable either by PLS/DROPS and has its own integral generator to run all equipment including reverse osmosis pumps and heating elements (which prevent freezing). This solution is in service with military units operating in Scandinavia.

The third unit is an integral part of the field camp providing clean potable water for cookhouse duties and general consumption. This 17,500l capacity unit is in service with numerous armies and comes complete with chlorination, UV radiation, insulation and tank/engine room heating capabilities.

On the Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) stand D210, WEW is showing the well-proven FDR “Drop & Go” fuel station on an HX 77 8x8 logistic support vehicle.

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