YDS Boots a perfect fit for PARAS’10

YDS Boots are delighted to become the title sponsor of the PARAS’10 endurance events which take place at military bases Colchester and Catterick during 2014.  YDS Boots are Europe’s largest manufacturer of Police and Military footwear in Europe and are currently supplying the British Armed Forces.  The authentic military event consists of a 10 mile running race and a TAB race which must be run in military boots.


As an established supplier of specialist footwear to uniformed services including military, fire and police sectors, YDS is building  awareness for their military boot retail range available in the UK.  The YDS Boots slogan and ethos ‘Step Forward’ is very compatible with the values of PARAS’10 ‘Stand by Go’ and makes for a very strong partnership in promoting the races and the brand.

Steve Hall, Sales and Marketing Director of YDS says ‘PARAS’10 is an excellent fit for the YDS Boots brand, we are thrilled to be part of something that has such military authenticity.  We hope more people will get to learn about what YDS Boots has to offer whilst we actively promote the PARAS’10 events’.

YDS Boots will be running a social media campaign in the run up to the PARAS’10 events where participants can enter competitions, see boot recommendations, get giveaways and receive other advice and tips about the events.

YDS Boots will also be present at the PARAS’10 in Colchester on Sunday 18 May 2014. The event is organised by the Parachute Regiment Charity RCN 1131977 and benefits soldiers and families.

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YDS have been successfully supplying military and security forces with quality made boots and footwear since 1927. Today, YDS is now recognised as one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of military footwear worldwide, producing over 10,000 pairs of boots and shoes every day.

To keep a step ahead from its competitors, YDS continues to invest in world leading technologies such as GORE-TEX®, CROSSTECH®, CORDURA® and VIBRAM. As YDS manufacturing capabilities and facilities exceed such a high standard, YDS has the license to produce footwear with GORE-TEX® membranes.  To ensure the YDS military boot with a GORE-TEX® membrane is up to the task, it has to pass a 500,000 flex test underwater implemented by WL GORE.  This is the equivalent of walking 50km; the membrane needs to pass this intensive flex test to confirm its quality.   There is no other waterproof system that can offer this level of testing and assurance.

YDS Boots use an injection process that bonds the sole to the uppers, ultimately giving the wearer a stronger, more durable boot when it’s needed most on tough terrain and all weather conditions.

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