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Formed in 2012 Lutra Associates is a multi-faceted group of highly experienced specialist associates who concentrate on the defence and security sectors. With expertise in many disciplines the approximately 60 UK and 30 overseas associates bring a wealth of talent, experience and original thought to bear on problems ranging from CBRN to CIED, from VIP protection to security of major crowded events (sports grounds etc) and from theoretical studies, founded on reality, to manufacturing. Because of their experience and backgrounds the associates are determined to use their knowledge and skills to do things better than they have been done before and go to some lengths to achieve this.

The associates form appropriate teams to solve the problem at hand and their wider network of contacts ensure that the subject is covered in full with the issues that are often forgotten or brushed aside being covered as well.  The Lutra ethos is to provide innovative, pragmatic, value for money solutions that ensure the customer is satisfied and supported.

The vast majority of the associates have experience at the highest levels in the Boardroom or government; often both.  None of the associates have lost sight of the need to provide solutions that people working at the operational level can manage and feel comfortable with. The team are used to delivering and implementing solutions that range from national policy through doctrine and strategy to operational procedures in areas as diverse as training and simulation and SWOT analysis of competitor companies.

Against this background Lutra tries to work in four broad areas and when appropriate ventures into a fifth;

  • Assisting UK Companies, particularly SMEs, export and also sell to the UK Government and primes.
  • Assisting Overseas companies market their goods and services in the UK.
  • Facilitating Partnerships between UK and Overseas companies, particularly SMEs to take advantage of synergies.
  • Consulting covering marketing, promotion, market intelligence, press and media, corporate communications, business improvement, bid management, raising capital, competitor analysis, product development including bringing to market, solving government, military, and industrial problems and carrying out studies producing pragmatic solutions.
  • Manufacturing. In certain circumstances related to value and complexity, Lutra will take on manufacturing and supply contracts where its innovative structure and working methods ensure value for money and high quality.

With Lutra’s reputation and experience the Associates are always working to reduce costs and time to delivery whilst improving quality and support.  Making certain that there is adequate customer involvement in all phases of a project is key and engagement with the end user especially so.  It is a matter of speaking to the end user in a way they understand so that what is delivered is what allows the item to do what the end user needs rather than something others may think they need.  Requirements are therefore checked against our own experience as a reality check and then with the purchaser’s consent a detailed discussion held with the end user to resolve points of difference and clarify what is to be delivered before work starts.

Once delivered Lutra takes pride in the support it provides checking outside of any commercial agreement to see if the item that has been delivered to the End User continues to meet the end users’ needs.  Learning from experience is a key aspect of the way Lutra does business.

When it comes to defence and security marketing whether in UK or Overseas Lutra’s widespread network of associates ensures there is assistance available from people who have domain, geographical and cultural expertise to help our clients.  Many of the associates have extensive expertise of working from the UK to overseas countries. Our overseas associates provide the geographical and cultural assistance companies need.  Lutra is happy to assist company’s organic Business Development, Marketing and Sales teams or take on this role directly providing a complete service to our clients. Increasingly part of this process is helping companies manage bids.

Many of our Associates have been involved with business turn around or improvement schemes and are knowledgeable about what works and what does not.  It is part of the pragmatic approach to problem solving that Lutra adopts and provides.  Having worked at all levels in companies and organizations and had solutions imposed up them the associates are conscious that this has to be an inclusive process involving all elements of organizations and companies and the process has to be continuous so that there is a restless determination to improve throughout the company all of the time.

Our key message is that if you have an issue that needs dealing with in the defence and security domains Lutra has the expertise and experience to provide you with an innovative, comprehensive, pragmatic, cost effective solution that will win your company or organization respect and business.  We will do this with good humour, tact and little fuss and your trust will be repaid. No problem is too small and none too big and often dealing with the small ones stops them becoming bigger ones.


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