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Swedish-based Akers Krutbruk offer a wide range of services and products for the defence industry, including ballistic protection, mine protection, active protection measures and body armour. Our tailor-made concepts are currently used by military, government and non-profit organizations all over the world in a naval, air and land-force protection capavity. We are a part of the IBD-group, or Ingenieurbüro Deisenroth, and the company family is a world leader in protection solutions.

Armoured truck cabs

Åkers Krutbruk’s fourth generation Scania armoured truck cab won the most prestigious award for "Best New Armoured Vehicle 2009" at the defence industry Light & Medium Armoured Vehicles conference in London, England. Our unique add-on armour concept is adapted for use in Scania Trucks to ensure optimal crew safety.

Bomb and IED-protective truck cabs

The armoured cab concept is constructed from the inside where large modular panels overlap and support each other, which serves to protect against the lethal ricochet and spalling effect IED strikes cause within confined vehicles. Subsequently, the Scania armoured cab offers a very high protection level against roadside bombs and IEDs, which inflict casualties primarily through fragmentation and shrapnel damage.

Multi-spectrum armoured protection for light, medium and heavy fighting vehicles

We develop new protection technologies that shield light, medium and heavy vehicle platforms against the full spectrum of military threats. Our ability to develop and adapt cutting-edge technologies to suit the needs of our customers makes us an ideal technical partner. We have built strong relationships with our customers because we remain at the forefront in the development of life-saving technologies.

Our survivability concept includes:

•Add-on armour and modular ballistic protection
•Mine protection
•Anti-spall liners
•IED protection
•Container protection
•Body armour insert plates
•Customised vehicle armour

We will work with you on every step of the process so you know you are getting exactly what you need to ensure the safety of your personnel. Because we work out of our own laboratory and testing range, we can adapt any of our protective solutions to your vehicles, guaranteeing perfect integration and total protection.

About Akers Krutbruk

In the year 1552, at the order of King Gustav I Vasa, Sweden began manufacturing gunpowder. Akers Krutbruk was established, fulfilling the king's mandate and ensuring the defence of the nation. Today, we are a world leader in defence solutions.


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