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Analox understands the critical importance of ensuring personnel are protected by appropriate and effective gas monitoring - especially in the submarine arena. We are dedicated to offering you a personalised service ensuring cradle to grave product lifecycle is tailored to suit your specific requirements. Our Design and Engineering teams continue to work tirelessly to ensure we are able to offer innovative equipment which is optimised to suit the environment and designed to be supported effectively throughout the platform’s life. We are committed to pushing the boundaries in keeping people safe. From our talented team to the innovative product range we invite you to become a part of this amazing operation. From conferences and exhibitions through to training groups and open days we look forward to meeting you and assisting you with your gas detection needs. Company Brochure

Submarine atmosphere monitoring - your proven partner through life, by design.

Analox has extensive knowledge in providing submarine atmosphere monitoring systems. Offering a ‘cradle to grave’ service; from inception to disposal, our capabilities span the specification of requirements, product design (including safety critical designs to IEC61508), through manufacturing, installation, commissioning and training. All systems are designed with a flexible system architecture ensuring your specific technical requirements, now and in the future, are achieved. Supporting you in; 

• Selecting the most appropriate, proven sensing techniques 

• Designing for safety 

• Designing for minimal on board maintenance ensuring submariners can concentrate on their primary roles

Submarine Escape & Rescue - delivering reliable information to allow you to make trusted decisions.

For over 20 years, Analox has worked with the Submarine Escape and Rescue community ensuring our analysers meet and exceed NATO standards for submarines with an escape capability. These decision making tools provide critical information on the state of the atmosphere and are simple to operate, whilst providing vital information to the senior survivor during a DISSUB incident. We are dedicated to working with you to ensure our products are designed to work in the most hostile environments, using proven hyperbaric sensing technology, simple effective design and minimal on board maintenance ensuring submariners can concentrate on their primary mission. Escape and Rescue Brochure

Navy Diving - reliable information to enable trusted decision making.

For over 30 years, Analox have worked with the diving industry providing a range of fixed and portable monitors and specialised OEM partial pressure (pp) sensors ensuring military divers are kept safe whilst diving. Air, mixed gas and saturation divers are protected by proven systems which are NATO coded and ANU listed. We offer a full range of analysers which are designed to be simple and intuitive to use and maintain. As such they can be maintained on board in order to reduce cost and increase equipment availability.

Breathing Air Monitoring - delivering you continuous assurance of the quality of your compressed breathing air.

Ensuring your compressed air is free from contaminants like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, oil mist and water is critical to ensuring the safety of your team. Our continuous on line monitor provides you with constant assurance that your compressed air is free from contamination and safe to breathe. The instant, verifiable, recorded results provide reassurance to engineers testing compressed air. Our comprehensive training programme ensures you are fully self sufficient in the operation and maintenance of your equipment reducing equipment downtime and saving you money. 

Analox’s approach to through life support.

We know that if you are confident in the operation and maintenance of your atmosphere monitoring system it will maximise its effectiveness. Our goal is to work with all our customers to ensure you are capable of being fully self sufficient in the operation and through life support of your system.

Analox training enhances your capabilities.

With all training our aim is to ensure that you are self sufficient in the operation and maintenance of your Analox analyser. We know that confidence in your analyser will maximise the effects of use while reducing downtime to you and your organisation. All Analox training is fully flexible and can be designed and delivered to meet your specific needs.



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