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We are a small company with high standards, Orbison Products has been active in the textile engineering business for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on our quality and customer service, none of our work is outsourced overseas, we are proud to say our products are made in the UK.

Quality Management System, we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, audited by BSI.

Trade Memberships.  Orbison Products Ltd are a sustaining member of The Association of Motion Picture Sound (AMPS) and a member of The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)

Talk to Us. If you need a bespoke pouch, bag, backpack, tool roll, cover, valise or any other textile engineered product please conduct us, we welcome your call or email, better still arrange a visit and meet the team to discuss your needs with our dedicated, friendly staff.


Defence Sector


Working to UK Defence Standards and US Milspec

For over 30 years Orbison Products have worked within the defence sector with defence equipment manufacturers and directly with the military. We are well practised in working to the exacting standards required in the defence manufacturing arena such as UK Defence Standards and US MILSPEC.

Our textile products are in service on the land, sea and in the air from bomb disposal operations to fast jet pilots.

Military equipment is subjected to extremes of use all over the world. By its nature this equipment is usually expensive, sophisticated and requires to work the first time, every time. This equipment needs to be protected during storage, transit and use.

Orbison has designed and manufactured a wide range of bespoke products directly for military customers and also in partnership with the large prime defence contractors and SME defence manufacturers.

Our design engineers have expert knowledge of the design standards required to meet the needs of the military end user. We manufacture pouches, cases, covers and bags for a wide variety of military products such as; specialist bomb disposal equipment, pilot’s helmets, detectors and vehicle systems.

We utilise the full range of the latest textile materials; such as Aramid, Kevlar and Cordura; plus the full range of military camouflage patterns from around the world.


Media Sector


Bespoke Textile Products for Media Organisations and Freelancers alike

Orbison offer a range of products for use by media organisations and freelancers alike, our textile engineered solutions range
from wireless microphone carriers for both studio and extreme outdoor use, studio place markers, autocue screen shades, battery carriers and equipment bags.

We offer our bespoke design and manufacture service so whatever your requirements we can help. As a sustaining member of AMPS we are in tune with the varying and individual needs of our media customers. Contact our team and see what Orbison can do for you.


Commercial Sector


Serving the Wider Commercial Sector

We serve the wider commercial sector with a wide range of textile products such as instrument carriers, kit bags, document pouches and carriers, commercial sample transport bags, equipment covers and valises. If you have a product that requires a textile solution come and talk to us

Sub Contract manufacture, we often work with our fellow textile engineering company’s on sub contract work to help fill urgent contracts or to ease workload in busy periods. We can also design and manufacture own label products, so if you have an idea for new textile product we are more than happy to assist on the journey from idea to product manufacture.


Emergency Service Sector


Bespoke Products for Emergency Services

We serve the full spectrum of the emergency services sector both first responders and their supply chain.

Orbison Products have designed and manufactured rescue equipment carriers, incident response grab bags, radio pouches, first aid kit pouches, para medic rucksacks and many other textile solutions, if you need a fast response to your first response textile engineering needs please contact us, we are here to help.




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